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Epsilon Command Line Flags  Getting Started   General Concepts

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File Inventory

Epsilon consists of the following files:
The Epsilon for Windows executable program.

The Epsilon executable program for Windows Console mode.

Epsilon's compiler. You need this program if you wish to add new commands to Epsilon or modify existing ones.

Under Windows, Epsilon's compiler eel.exe requires this file. Epsilon itself also uses this file when you compile from within the editor.

These files help provide Unicode support under Windows.

inherit.exe and inherit.pif
Epsilon for Windows uses these files to execute another program and capture its output.

This Windows help file provides help on Epsilon.

Epsilon's WinHelp file communicates with a running copy of 32-bit Epsilon so it can display current key bindings or variable values and let you modify variables from the help file. It uses this file to do that.

The Epsilon for Windows installer uses this file to help create desktop shortcuts and Send To menu entries. See Running Epsilon via a Shortcut.

Epsilon for Windows includes this Developer Studio extension that lets Developer Studio pass all file-opening requests to Epsilon.

Epsilon's speller uses this helper program to get suggestions from the MicroSpell speller.

Epsilon for Windows runs this program when you use the configure-epsilon command.

Epsilon for Windows uses this script to display MS Help 2 files.

Epsilon's Windows installer and configuration program use this program to add or remove directories from the system's PATH.

winpty32.exe, winpty64.exe and win-askpass.exe, run-ssh-agent.bat
The secure shell (ssh) and secure file transfer (scp) features in Epsilon for Windows use these helper programs to interact with Cygwin's ssh program.

Epsilon for Windows uses this program to help support .bsc source code browser files.

This shell extension can be used to put an Open With Epsilon menu item on File Explorer's context menu, but by default Epsilon does this in a way that requires only setting registry entries, so this DLL is unused.

The installation program puts the following files in the main Epsilon directory, normally \Program Files\Eps14 under Windows and /opt/epsilon14.04 under Unix. (Epsilon for macOS keeps these files in various directories located within its app bundle, following Apple's requirements.)

This file contains all of Epsilon's commands. Epsilon needs this file in order to run. If you customize Epsilon, this file changes. The name includes Epsilon's major version.

This file contains a copy of the original version of epsilon-v14.sta at the time of installation.

Epsilon's on-line documentation file. Without this file, Epsilon can't provide basic help on commands and variables.

Epsilon's on-line manual, in Info format.

A default top-level Info directory, for non-Unix systems that may lack one. See Info mode for details.

This directory contains files for the HTML version of Epsilon's documentation. The lhelp helper program reads them.

Epsilon's tutorial. Epsilon needs this file to give the tutorial (see Epsilon Tutorial). Otherwise, Epsilon does not need this file to run.

A printable sheet listing most of Epsilon's default key assignments.

One-line descriptions of each of the different color classes in Epsilon. The set-color command reads this file.

The brief-keyboard command loads this file. It contains the bindings of all the keys used in Brief emulation, written in Epsilon's command file format.

The epsilon-keyboard command loads this file. It contains the standard Epsilon key bindings for all the keys that are different under Brief emulation, written in Epsilon's command file format.

epsilon.mnu, brief.mnu
Non-GUI versions of Epsilon use one of these files to construct the menu bar.

gui.mnu, cua.mnu
GUI versions of Epsilon use one of these files to construct the menu bar.

The tex-environment command in LaTeX mode (Alt-Shift-E) gets its list of environments from this file. You can add new environments by editing this file.

A file defining the options for the filter control of Epsilon's Common File Open/Save dialogs under Windows.

This file describes changes in recent versions of Epsilon. You can use the Alt-x release-notes command to read it.

The import-customizations command uses this file.

If you used the Windows-based installer, you can uninstall Epsilon by running this program.

The Windows-based installer creates this file to indicate which files it installed.

The installation program copies a number of "include files" to the subdirectory "include" within Epsilon's main directory. These header files are used if you decide to compile an Epsilon extension or add-on written in its EEL extension language.

Epsilon's standard header file, for use with the EEL compiler.

Another standard header file, with numeric codes. The eel.h file includes this one automatically.

These files contain source code in EEL to all Epsilon's commands. The installation program copies them to the subdirectory "source" within Epsilon's main directory.

This file loads all the other files and sets up Epsilon.

This example file demonstrates various aspects of how to define a new mode.

You can use this file, along with a "make" utility program, to help recompile the above Epsilon source files. It lists the source files and provides command lines to compile them.

The directory "changes" within Epsilon's main directory contains files that document new features added in Epsilon 9 and earlier versions. See the online documentation for details on changes in more recent versions. Other files in this directory may be used to help incorporate old customizations, when updating from Epsilon 7 or earlier. See Updating from an Old Version for information on updating to a new version of Epsilon.

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Epsilon Command Line Flags  Getting Started   General Concepts

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