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Lexical Rules  Epsilon Extension Language   Numeric Constants

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Identifiers in EEL consist of a letter or the underscore character "_", followed by any number of letters, digits, or underscore characters. Upper case and lower case characters are distinct to the compiler, so Ab and ab are different identifiers. When you load an identifier into Epsilon, Epsilon converts underscores "_" to hyphens "-" and converts identifiers to lower case. For example, when invoking a command that has been defined in an EEL source file as this_command(), you type this-command. All characters are significant, and no identifier (or any token, for that matter) may be longer than 1999 characters.

The following identifiers are keywords, and you cannot use them for any other purpose:

if              switch          struct          static
else            case            union           unsigned
for             default         keytable        enum
do              goto            typedef         color_class
while           sizeof          buffer          save_spot
return          char            window          save_var
break           short           command         spot
continue        int             on              on_exit
user            volatile        zeroed          color_scheme
byte            int32

The keywords enum, unsigned, and static have no function in the current version of EEL, but we reserve them for future use.

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Lexical Rules  Epsilon Extension Language   Numeric Constants

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