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Command Line Flags in Epsilon 10  Changes from Older Versions   New File Primitives in Epsilon 10

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Other Changes in Epsilon 10

  • The compare-windows command now ignores whitespace. See the compare-windows-ignores-space variable.

  • Epsilon retains more undo history in all 32-bit versions. Undo now restores the unmodified state of a buffer when appropriate, and displays an indication when passing a buffer-save or buffer-read in the undo history. Rereading a buffer is now undoable. Epsilon resets the modified flag when undoing or redoing makes the buffer identical to its most recent saved version.

  • In Unix, selecting text with the mouse copies it to a kill buffer (and the clipboard), like copy-region does. See the mouse-selection-copies variable. In Unix, the center mouse button yanks text instead of panning. See the mouse-center-yanks variable.

  • In auto-fill mode, Epsilon will now break the line as soon as it becomes too long, instead of waiting until you type a <Space>.

  • The default tab size outside of C mode is now 8. It remains 4 inside C mode.

  • The fill-paragraph command accepts a numeric argument over 5 as a temporary margin. A lower value still means to use an infinite margin (unfill).

  • Epsilon for Windows can draw a focus rectangle around the current line, for users who have trouble seeing the cursor. See the draw-focus-rectangle variable. It can also draw column markers at user-specified columns; see the draw-column-markers variable.

  • Epsilon for Windows now uses heuristics to determine whether its command line contains a single file name containing spaces, or a series of file names.

  • The cd command shows and completes only on directories.

  • By default, Epsilon no longer searches for a session file. If you want Epsilon to search through the current directory tree as in previous versions, change the session-tree-root variable. Some new variables starting with session- let you customize what Epsilon restores.

  • In bufed, Shift-P prints the current buffer. Also, bufed now displays an R to indicate a read-only buffer.

  • Printing in Epsilon for Windows now includes margins. Use the print-setup command or File/Print Setup from the menu to alter them. Running a print command with a numeric argument now makes it skip displaying a dialog. There are also new variables to include line numbers and control wrapping.

  • The save-all-buffers command on Ctrl-x s now continues if some files could not be saved, saves the rest, then reports how many files could not be saved.

  • The <Space> and <Backspace> keys now page forward and backward in all read-only buffers. Set the new readonly-pages variable to zero to disable this.

  • Windows Explorer-style file dialogs now retain their current directory setting from one Epsilon session to the next.

  • Internet URLs for http may now include user and password information for sites that require basic authentication.

  • When telnet notices a password prompt, it displays a dialog to hide the password. Telnet also interprets some formatting such as underlining that may appear in command output.

  • The auto-quote-allowed variable, used when typing accented characters, was removed. Epsilon now handles such characters differently.

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Command Line Flags in Epsilon 10  Changes from Older Versions   New File Primitives in Epsilon 10

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