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clipboard-convert-unicode: preference variable

Default value: 4

Bits in this variable control how Epsilon converts text when accessing the clipboard.

When the 1 bit is set, yanking text from the clipboard converts certain Unicode characters with codes outside the 0-255 range to corresponding characters that have codes within that range. For instance, Unicode EM SPACE U+2003 becomes a space character, and Unicode HYPHEN U+2011 becomes a - character. This conversion turns some characters into ASCII characters in the 32-127 ASCII range, and others into characters in the Extended ASCII range of 128-159 using the Windows-1252 character set.

The 2 bit enables the opposite conversion when putting text onto the clipboard, but only for characters in the range 128-159.

The 4 bit, which is the only conversion enabled by default, only turns Unicode characters into characters in the 32-127 range, and does not convert others.

Epsilon skips such conversions when yanking and pasting from Unicode buffers (typically, those that already contain characters outside the 0-255 range), and whenever not all the characters can be converted this way. It only does these conversions if all characters outside the 0-255 range in the pasted text can be converted to be within that range.

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clipboard-convert-mac-lines  Variable Reference   clipboard-format

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