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coloring-flags: system buffer-specific variable

Default value: 0

Epsilon's syntax highlighting functions use this variable to record various types of status. Bits in the variable are specified by macros in colcode.h.

Epsilon uses some bits independently of any particular language mode. COLOR_DO_COLORING indicates that Epsilon should perform coloring. COLOR_IN_PROGRESS means Epsilon is in the middle of coloring; Epsilon uses this bit to detect when a coloring function has aborted due to a programming error; it then disables coloring for that buffer. COLOR_MINIMAL records whether minimal coloring (an option in C/C++/Java mode) is in use for that buffer; Epsilon uses it to notice when this setting has changed.

The remaining bits are set by individual language modes. COLOR_INVALIDATE_FORWARD indicates that after the user modifies a buffer, any syntax highlighting information after the modified region should be discarded. COLOR_INVALIDATE_BACKWARD indicates that syntax highlighting information before the modified region should be discarded. (Without these bits, Epsilon only discards syntax highlighting information that's very close to the modified part of the buffer.)

COLOR_INVALIDATE_RESETS tells Epsilon that whenever it invalidates syntax highlighting in a region, it should also set the color of all text in that region to the default of -1. COLOR_RETAIN_NARROWING indicates that coloring should respect any narrowing in effect (instead of looking outside the narrowed area to parse the buffer in its entirety).

COLOR_IGNORE_INDENT says that a simple change of indentation shouldn't cause any recoloring. Languages with no column-related highlighting rules may set this for better performance.

More info:

Code Coloring Internals (Primitives)

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color-whole-buffer  Variable Reference   column-in-window

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