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force-remote-translation-type: preference variable

Default value: 5

When you read a file that uses URL syntax, one that starts with scp:// or ftp://, Epsilon consults this variable to determine what kind of line translation to perform. Zero forces binary, 1 forces DOS/Windows, 2 forces Unix, 3 forces Macintosh, and 5, the default, lets Epsilon autodetect the file type.

Setting this variable to a specific translation code forces Epsilon to use that translation for all files, instead of auto-detecting the right translation based on file content. To simply change the default for new files, or those too short for auto-detection, set fallback-remote-translation-type instead.

Before checking this variable, Epsilon looks for a host-specific variable. For instance, if you read a file named, Epsilon will check to see if a variable named force-remote-translation-type-example-com exists. If so, it will use that variable instead of this one. (Epsilon makes the variable name from the host name by replacing each character that isn't alphanumeric with a hyphen, then putting force-remote-translation-type- before it.)

More info:

Line Translation

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