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grep-prompt-with-buffer-directory: preference variable

Default value: 1

The grep-prompt-with-buffer-directory variable controls how the grep and file-query-replace commands use the current directory at file prompts.

When this variable is 1, the default, Epsilon temporarily changes to the current buffer's directory while prompting for a file name, and interprets file names relative to that directory. It also arranges for each mode line to display the full path of its file while prompting, to make it easier to see which directory will be used.

When this variable is 2, Epsilon inserts the current buffer's directory at the prompt. You can type a relative file pattern like *.cpp. Or you can begin typing a new absolute file pattern like /etc/*.cf or c:\windows\*.ini right after the inserted pathname. Epsilon will delete the inserted pathname when it notices your absolute pathname.

A setting of 3 makes Epsilon insert the current buffer's directory in the same way, but keeps Epsilon from automatically deleting the inserted pathname if you type an absolute one.

When this variable is 0, relative file names will be interpreted based on the global current directory set with the cd command, not any directory associated with the current buffer.

If you press <Enter> without typing anything, and a directory used in the above descriptions has changed, the grep-default-directory variable controls whether Epsilon reinterprets the previous file pattern according to the new directory, or searches the same set of files as before. See that variable for more details.

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grep-on-changed-file  Variable Reference   grep-show-absolute-path

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