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net-prompt-get-directory: preference variable

Default value: 0xff

In ssh and telnet buffers, Epsilon tries to set the default directory by parsing the prompt. Bits in this variable control how this happens. All bits are normally enabled.

The 1 bit enables trying to interpret shell prompts.

The 2 bit enables using the net-prompt-pattern variable. Without this bit, Epsilon will only look for the special hidden sequence enabled by running one of its shell scripts like on the remote system. See Secure Shell and SCP Support).

The 4 bit controls what happens when Epsilon can't interpret a prompt to get a directory. This bit makes it retain the last directory it received from the process, if any, until it can retrieve another directory. Without this bit, Epsilon will set the buffer's default directory to a URL with no path, whenever it can't parse the most recent output from the host.

The 8 bit makes Epsilon construct an scp:// URL. Without this bit, it constructs an ftp:// URL.

The 16 bit says that whenever Epsilon parses a prompt, it should color it using the process-prompt color class. Similarly, the 32 bit helps it color user input with the process-input color class. Without these bits, Epsilon will use less reliable methods to determine which program output is a prompt.

You can create a host-specific version of this variable by defining a new variable with a name like net-prompt-get-directory-example-com. Then Epsilon will use its settings instead for ssh and telnet buffers accessing The 1 bit in net-prompt-get-directory itself may be turned off to disable this feature for all hosts.

More info:

Secure Shell and SCP Support

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