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normal-gui-cursor: preference variable

Default value: 100002

This variable holds the shape of the caret (the text cursor) in insert mode (as opposed to overwrite mode) in the Windows and X11 versions of Epsilon. It contains a code that specifies the height and width of the caret and a vertical offset, each expressed as a percentage of the size of a character in pixels. For example, a width of 100 indicates a caret just as wide as a character. Values close to 0 or 100 are absolute pixel counts, so a width of 98 is two pixels smaller than a character. A width of exactly zero means use the default width.

All measurements are from the top left corner of the character cell. A nonzero vertical offset moves the caret down from its usual starting point at the top left corner.

In EEL programs, you can use the GUI_CURSOR_SHAPE( ) macro to combine the three values into the appropriate code; it simply multiplies the height by 1000 and the offset by 1,000,000, and adds both to the width. So the default Windows caret shape of GUI_CURSOR_SHAPE(100, 2, 0), which specifies a height of 100% of the character size and a width of 2 pixels, is encoded as the value 100,002. The value 100100 provides a block cursor, while 99,002,100 makes a good underline cursor. (It specifies a width of 100%, a height of 2 pixels, and an offset of 99 putting the caret down near the bottom of the character cell.) The CURSOR_SHAPE( ) macro serves a similar purpose for console versions of Epsilon.

The X11 version of Epsilon can only change the cursor shape if you've provided an Epsilon.cursorstyle:1 resource (see Unix Installation).

More info:

Cursor Shapes

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normal-cursor  Variable Reference   nsis-auto-show-delim-chars

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