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A Note to Our Users

Individual copies of Epsilon aren't protected with a formal license agreement, but by copyright law. In addition to the copying for backup permitted under copyright law, Lugaru grants you, the end-user, certain other rights, as explained on this page.

It describes the rules for installing a single purchased copy of Epsilon on multiple computers, and related matters. These rules apply to all copies of Epsilon purchased by an end-user and not subject to a written license agreement.

Each copy of Epsilon includes packages for various operating systems or distributions, such as a Windows package, a Debian Linux package, and a Macintosh package.

You may install a single purchased copy of Epsilon on up to four computers under your control, either installing the same package on each, or a different package on each, or any combination, as long as you're the only one using any of these packages. Two individuals may not share a single copy of Epsilon if there is any chance both individuals might use that copy of Epsilon at the same time, even by using separate packages on separate computers.

You may not split a single purchased copy of Epsilon into its separate packages and sell them separately.

If you purchase an update to Epsilon, it becomes part of the same copy. You may not (for example) buy Epsilon 10, update to Epsilon 11, and then sell Epsilon 10 while retaining Epsilon 11. The update does not count as a separate copy and must accompany the original version if sold.

We hope that you will respect our efforts, and the law, and not allow illegal copying of Epsilon.

We wish to thank all of our users who have made Epsilon successful, and extend our welcome to all new users.

Steven Doerfler
Lugaru Software, Ltd.

We produced the printed version of this manual using the Epsilon Programmer's Editor and the TeX typesetting system. The online Info and WinHelp versions were generated from TeX source files in Epsilon, using a set of custom EEL conversion routines that converted the TeX source to Info or RTF format, generated the index entries, and so forth. The online HTML version was generated using EEL conversion routines and a C server program. Duane Bibby did the illustrations in the manual.

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Legal Notices  Epsilon User's Manual and Reference   Contacting Lugaru

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