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Concept Index

This index lists concepts, terminology, and miscellany.

#messages# bufferEpsilon's Screen Layout (General)
#symbols# bufferSource Code Browsing Interface
+ command line optionInvoking Epsilon (Getting Started)
.bsc files for browsingSource Code Browsing Interface
.bsc files for taggingTags
.directory.espell fileSpell Checking
.epsilon_vars fileDirectory-wide File Variables
.espell filesSpell Checking
.mnu filesCustomizing Epsilon's Menu (General)
.sbr filesSource Code Browsing Interface
8.3-format file namesManipulating File Names (Primitives)
abort keyInterrupting a Command
after-exiting color classSetting Colors
all-directory file variablesDirectory-wide File Variables
Alt-? keyGetting Help
anonymous ftpURL Syntax
API helpAccessing Help
Application Data directoryThe Customization Directory (Getting Started)
argument, numericNumeric Arguments (General)
 Repeating a Single Command
arrow keysSimple Movement Commands
ASCII charactersKeys and their Representation
Asm modeAsm Mode
aspell programSpell Checking
assigning to variablesVariables
associations, fileFile Associations
associativityOperator Grouping (EEL)
autosaving filesBackup Files
auxiliary filesHow Epsilon Finds its Files (Getting Started)
backup filesBackup Files
Bash shell for WindowsThe Concurrent Process
basic multilingual planeUnicode Features
basic typesData Types (EEL)
Batch modeBatch Mode
bell, settingThe Bell
binary constantsNumeric Constants (EEL)
binary files, editingLine Translation
Binary, in mode lineLine Translation
bind-to-key command, in command fileCommand File Examples
bindingBinding Commands (General)
binding commandsBindings
blockBlock (EEL)
BMPUnicode Features
bold textFonts
brace matchingParenthetic Expressions
bracket matchingParenthetic Expressions
Brief emulationBrief Emulation
browser files for taggingTags
browsing source codeSource Code Browsing Interface
bufferBuffer Concepts (General)
buffer numberManaging Buffers (Primitives)
buffer, commandsBuffers
buffer, keywordScope of Variables (EEL)
 Global Definitions (EEL)
 Differences Between EEL And C (EEL)
buffer, startupEpsilon's Screen Layout (General)
buffer, storage classVariables
buffer-specific variablesVariables
 Scope of Variables (EEL)
 Buffer-specific Variables (Primitives)
bytecode filesEpsilon Command Line Flags (Getting Started)
 Changing Commands with EEL
C++ modeC Mode
c-ident color classCode Coloring
canceling a commandInterrupting a Command
caretCursor Shapes
carriage return translationLine Translation
 Line Translation Primitives (Primitives)
case replacementReplacing
case, changingCapitalization
case, of file namesFile Name Case
cast, function pointerThe Name Table (Primitives)
CentOS installationUnix Installation (Getting Started)
change-name command, in command fileCommand File Examples
changed files, detectingSaving Files
character classCharacter Classes
character constantCharacter Constants (EEL)
character sets, convertingDOS/OEM Character Set Support
checking spellingSpell Checking
chm filesAccessing Help
clipboard, accessing theClipboard Access
CMDCONCURSHELLFLAGS, configuration variableThe Concurrent Process
CMDSHELLFLAGS, configuration variableRunning Other Programs
code coloringCode Coloring
coding file variableFile Variables
ColdFusion elementscoldfusion-empty-elements
color classSetting Colors
 Colors (Primitives)
color class assertionsRegular Expression Assertions
color schemeSetting Colors
colors, changingSetting Colors
column editingRectangle Commands
column number, always displayingmode-format
command file, bind-to-keyCommand File Examples
command file, change-nameCommand File Examples
command file, create-prefix-commandCommand File Examples
command file, define-macroCommand File Examples
command filesSaving Customizations
 Command Files
command historyCommand History (General)
command line, for EELEEL Command Line Flags (EEL)
command line, for EpsilonInvoking Epsilon (Getting Started)
command, definedData Types (EEL)
command, eel keywordData Types (EEL)
 Differences Between EEL And C (EEL)
commenting commandsCommenting Commands
comments in EELLexical Rules (EEL)
compile-command file variableCompiling From Epsilon
compiler helpAccessing Help
completionCompletion & Defaults (General)
completion, adding your ownCompletion Internals (Primitives)
completion, excluding filesCompletion & Defaults (General)
 File Name Prompts
complex scriptsUnicode Features
compressed filesReading Files
COMSPEC, environment variableConfiguration Variables (Getting Started)
 Running Other Programs
concurrent processThe Concurrent Process
Conf modeConfiguration File Mode
configuration variableConfiguration Variables (Getting Started)
constantsNumeric Constants (EEL)
context helpAccessing Help
control charactersCustomizing the Screen
control chars, in searchesSearching
conversion of variablesConversions (EEL)
converting encodingsUnicode Features
 Character Encoding Conversions (Primitives)
copying filesDired Subcommands
copying textKilling Text
create-prefix-command command, in command fileCommand File Examples
Ctrl-_Getting Help
curlInternet Support
current bufferEpsilon's Screen Layout (General)
current windowEpsilon's Screen Layout (General)
curses programEpsilon Command Line Flags (Getting Started)
customization directoryThe Customization Directory (Getting Started)
Cygwin environmentInvoking Epsilon (Getting Started)
 Accessing Help
DDE messages, sendingWindow System Primitives (Primitives)
Debian installationUnix Installation (Getting Started)
debug-text color classSetting Colors
debuggerChanging Commands with EEL
decimal constantNumeric Constants (EEL)
declarationDeclarations (EEL)
declaratorDeclarations (EEL)
Def, in mode lineKeyboard Macros
default color classSetting Colors
default valueVariables
 Scope of Variables (EEL)
define-macro, in command fileCommand File Examples
delete vs. killKilling Text
deleting commands or variablesVariables
deleting filesDired Subcommands
desktop icon, running Epsilon from aRunning Epsilon via a Shortcut
detecting changed filesSaving Files
Developer Studio, integrating withMS-Windows Integration Features
device files, ignoringSearching Multiple Files
diacritical marksUnicode Features
dictionary lookupSpell Checking
directory name, avoid typingReading Files
directory, setting currentReading Files
directory-wide file variablesDirectory-wide File Variables
dired command, and find-fileReading Files
disk managementDirectory Editing
DISPLAY, environment variableConfiguration Variables (Getting Started)
displaying special charactersCustomizing the Screen
displaying variablesVariables
DLLs, under WindowsCalling Windows DLLs (Primitives)
do_when_exiting_ subroutinesControl Flow (Primitives)
do_when_idle_ subroutinesKeys (Primitives)
do_when_make_mode subroutinesNormal Buffer Display (Primitives)
do_when_repeating_ subroutinesKeys (Primitives)
documentation, onlineGetting Help
Documents and Settings directoryThe Customization Directory (Getting Started)
DOS, in mode lineLine Translation
DOS-format file namesManipulating File Names (Primitives)
dragging textMouse Support (General)
DVI files, previewingTeX and LaTeX Modes
dvi viewersTeX and LaTeX Modes
dynamic-link libraries, under WindowsCalling Windows DLLs (Primitives)
echo areaEpsilon's Screen Layout (General)
edoc fileEpsilon Command Line Flags (Getting Started)
 Getting Help
EELChanging Commands with EEL
EEL, configuration variableEEL Command Line Flags (EEL)
EEL_PTR, type definitionBuilt-in and User Variables (Primitives)
eight bit charactersCharacter Display (Primitives)
einit.ecm fileEpsilon Command Line Flags (Getting Started)
 Saving Customizations
 Command Files
EMACSBinding Commands (General)
encodings, convertingUnicode Features
 Character Encoding Conversions (Primitives)
environment variable, readingSystem Primitives (Primitives)
EPSCOMSPEC, configuration variableConfiguration Variables (Getting Started)
 Running Other Programs
 The Concurrent Process
EPSCONCURCOMSPEC, configuration variableThe Concurrent Process
EPSCONCURSHELL, configuration variableThe Concurrent Process
EPSCUSTDIR, configuration variableConfiguration Variables (Getting Started)
Epsilon Extension LanguageChanging Commands with EEL
Epsilon, commandInvoking Epsilon (Getting Started)
EPSILON, configuration variableEpsilon Command Line Flags (Getting Started)
 Starting and Finishing (Primitives)
epsilon-viewer scriptDired Subcommands
epsilon-xfer-helper fileSecure Shell and SCP Support
EPSMIXEDCASEDRIVES, configuration variableFile Name Case
EPSPATH, configuration variableHow Epsilon Finds its Files (Getting Started)
 Locating The Session File
 EEL Command Line Flags (EEL)
 Manipulating File Names (Primitives)
EPSRUNS, environment variableConfiguration Variables (Getting Started)
EPSSHELL, configuration variableConfiguration Variables (Getting Started)
 Running Other Programs
 The Concurrent Process
ESESSION, configuration variableLocating The Session File
eshell fileEpsilon Command Line Flags (Getting Started)
espell.lst and filesSpell Checking
eswap fileEpsilon Command Line Flags (Getting Started)
executable files, editingLine Translation
execution profilerEpsilon Extension Language Features (Intro to EEL)
Explorer, opening folder inDirectory Editing
expressions in EELConstants and Identifiers (EEL)
extended file patternsExtended file patterns
extension languageEpsilon Extension Language Features (Intro to EEL)
extensions vs. macrosEpsilon Extension Language Features (Intro to EEL)
extensions, fileLanguage Modes
F1 keyGetting Help
Fedora installationUnix Installation (Getting Started)
field namesStructures and Unions (EEL)
file associationsFile Associations
file associations, opening viaDirectory Editing
file datesSaving Files
file name patternsExtended file patterns
file name promptsFile Name Prompts
file name templateFile Name Templates
 Manipulating File Names (Primitives)
file names, capitalization ofFile Name Case
file types, customizing list ofFile Name Prompts
file variablesFile Variables
file, edocGetting Help
file, eshellEpsilon Command Line Flags (Getting Started)
file, readme.txtFile Inventory (Getting Started)
file, startupSaving Customizations
file_info structureFile Properties (Primitives)
fill columnFormatting Text
Fill, in mode lineFormatting Text
filter.txt fileFile Name Prompts
filters, customizingFile Name Prompts
find-file command, and diredReading Files
flags, for EELEEL Command Line Flags (EEL)
flags, for EpsilonEpsilon Command Line Flags (Getting Started)
font stylesFonts
fonts, settingFonts
foreign charactersUnicode Features
 Character Display (Primitives)
format stringPrintf-style Format Strings (Primitives)
FreeBSD installationUnix Installation (Getting Started)
FTP URLInternet Support
functionFunction Calls (EEL)
function keysKeys and their Representation
function name, displayingdisplay-definition
function, pointer toThe Name Table (Primitives)
GAMS filescompile-gams-cmd
GAMS modeGAMS Mode
glibcUnix Installation (Getting Started)
global variableScope of Variables (EEL)
goto_url fileWeb-based Epsilon Documentation
graphics charactersCustomizing the Screen
 Unicode Features
grouping of EEL operatorsOperator Grouping (EEL)
help command, fileEpsilon Command Line Flags (Getting Started)
help, gettingGetting Help
hex constantsNumeric Constants (EEL)
hex constants, entering interactivelyVariables
hex displayCustomizing the Screen
history of commandsCommand History (General)
hlp filesAccessing Help
HOME, environment variablecygwin-filenames
hook, when loading bytecode filesBytecode Files (Primitives)
hook, when reading in a fileLanguage Modes
hook, when starting EpsilonStarting and Finishing (Primitives)
horiz-border color classSetting Colors
horiz_border color classColors (Primitives)
horizontal scrollingHorizontal Scrolling
host name, displayingwant-display-host-name
host name, retrievingInternet Primitives (Primitives)
HtmlHelp filesAccessing Help
Http URLInternet Support
Https URLInternet Support
identifiersIdentifiers (EEL)
IDL filescompile-idl-cmd
ifdef lines, moving byOther C mode Features
ignore.lst fileSpell Checking
include preprocessor command, executed only onceDifferences Between EEL And C (EEL)
indentingIndenting Commands
Ini modeIni File Mode
initialization, of EpsilonEpsilon Command Line Flags (Getting Started)
initialization, of variablesInitialization (EEL)
inserting charactersInserting and Deleting
installationGetting Started
installation, for DOSDOS Installation (Getting Started)
installation, for macOSmacOS Installation (Getting Started)
installation, for OS/2DOS Installation (Getting Started)
installation, for UnixUnix Installation (Getting Started)
Installing Epsilon for DOSDOS Installation (Getting Started)
Installing Epsilon for macOSmacOS Installation (Getting Started)
Installing Epsilon for OS/2DOS Installation (Getting Started)
Installing Epsilon for UnixUnix Installation (Getting Started)
integrate with Visual StudioMS-Windows Integration Features
integrating with Developer StudioMS-Windows Integration Features
IntelliMouse supportMouse Support (General)
 Mouse Panning (Primitives)
INTERCONCURSHELLFLAGS, configuration variableThe Concurrent Process
international charactersUnicode Features
 Character Display (Primitives)
internationalizationUnicode Features
InternetInternet Support
INTERSHELLFLAGS, configuration variableRunning Other Programs
invoking EpsilonInvoking Epsilon (Getting Started)
IS_MOUSE_...() textual macrosThe Mouse (Primitives)
ISO 8859 character setsUnicode Features
ispell programSpell Checking
italic textFonts
Java modeC Mode
key referenceEpsilon Key Assignments
key tableKey Tables (EEL)
 Binding Primitives (Primitives)
key table, values inThe Name Table (Primitives)
keyboard macroKeyboard Macros
keychart.pdf fileEpsilon Key Assignments
keys and commandsBindings
Keystrokes and Commands: BindingsBinding Commands (General)
keystrokes, recordingRepeating a Single Command
 Keyboard Macros
keytableKey Tables (EEL)
 Binding Primitives (Primitives)
keytable, values inThe Name Table (Primitives)
keyword helpAccessing Help
kill buffersKilling Text
kill vs. deleteKilling Text
killing commandsKilling Text
language mode, defining a newDefining Language Modes (Primitives)
language modesLanguage Modes
LaTeX modeTeX and LaTeX Modes
Latin 1 character setUnicode Features
levelParenthetic Expressions
libnss shared filesUnix Installation (Getting Started)
lifetime of variablesScope of Variables (EEL)
line number, displayingDisplay Commands
line number, positioning byDisplay Commands
line numbers, always displayingmode-format
line scrollingHorizontal Scrolling
line translationLine Translation
 Line Translation Primitives (Primitives)
line wrappingHorizontal Scrolling
lisp commandsParenthetic Expressions
local variableScope of Variables (EEL)
long linesHorizontal Scrolling
low-level operationsCalling Windows DLLs (Primitives)
lugeps.ini fileRunning Epsilon via a Shortcut
lvalue expressionsConstants and Identifiers (EEL)
Mac, in mode lineLine Translation
Macintosh filesLine Translation
Macintosh, running Epsilon onmacOS Installation (Getting Started)
macros vs. extensionsEpsilon Extension Language Features (Intro to EEL)
macros, keyboardKeyboard Macros
macros, types ofThe EEL Preprocessor (EEL)
main loopThe Main Loop (Primitives)
major modesModes in Epsilon (General)
make utility programChanging Epsilon
makefile fileChanging Epsilon
Makefile modeMakefile Mode
margins, setting printerPrinting
markKilling Text
menu barThe Menu Bar (General)
menu bar, customizingCustomizing Epsilon's Menu (General)
meta charactersCharacter Display (Primitives)
Microsoft Visual Studio, integrating withMS-Windows Integration Features
MicroSpell programSpell Checking
minor modesModes in Epsilon (General)
MIXEDCASEDRIVES, environment variableFile Name Case
modeModes in Epsilon (General)
mode lineEpsilon's Screen Layout (General)
 Window Titles and Mode Lines (Primitives)
mode line formatmode-format
mode, defining a newDefining Language Modes (Primitives)
mode, majorModes in Epsilon (General)
mode, minorModes in Epsilon (General)
mode-line color classSetting Colors
mode_line color classColors (Primitives)
mouse button, thirdMouse Support (General)
mouse supportMouse Support (General)
moving aroundSimple Movement Commands
 Display Commands
moving textKilling Text
moving windowsMouse Support (General)
mspellcmd.exe fileSpell Checking
multitaskingThe Concurrent Process
name tableThe Name Table (Primitives)
named pipes, ignoringSearching Multiple Files
Narrow, in mode lineMiscellaneous
national charactersUnicode Features
non-english charactersUnicode Features
NSIS modeNSIS Mode
NSS shared filesUnix Installation (Getting Started)
NTFS streamsExtended file patterns
null, searching forEntering Special Characters
numbers, entering interactivelyVariables
numeric argumentNumeric Arguments (General)
 Repeating a Single Command
numeric constantNumeric Constants (EEL)
Objective-C languageC Mode
octal constantNumeric Constants (EEL)
oldkeys.h header fileKeys (Primitives)
 Binding Primitives (Primitives)
online documentationGetting Help
Open With Epsilon shell extensionThe Open With Epsilon Shell Extension
operator precedence in EELOperator Grouping (EEL)
owitheps.dll fileThe Open With Epsilon Shell Extension
Pager, in mode lineModes in Epsilon (General)
paragraphs, fillingFormatting Text
parenthesis matchingParenthetic Expressions
password, typing in a bufferInternet Support
passwords in URLsURL Syntax
PATH, environment variableConfiguration Variables (Getting Started)
path, searching for files on aManipulating File Names (Primitives)
pattern, searching for aRegular Expressions
per-directory file variablesDirectory-wide File Variables
Perl modePerl Mode
perl-comment color classPerl Mode
perl-constant color classPerl Mode
perl-function color classPerl Mode
perl-keyword color classPerl Mode
perl-string color classPerl Mode
perl-variable color classPerl Mode
PHP modePHP Mode
plink ssh clientSecure Shell and SCP Support
pointEpsilon's Screen Layout (General)
pointer to functionThe Name Table (Primitives)
pointer to struct, vs. structTiming (Primitives)
pointers, internal structureBuilt-in and User Variables (Primitives)
popup_border color classColors (Primitives)
popup_title color classColors (Primitives)
positionChanging Buffer Contents (Primitives)
PostScript modePostScript Mode
precedenceOperator Grouping (EEL)
prefix keysBindings
prefix keys, unbindingCommand File Examples
preprocessor lines, moving byOther C mode Features
primary selection in X11Clipboard Access
primitivePrimitives and EEL Subroutines
Printf-style format stringsPrintf-style Format Strings (Primitives)
printing variablesVariables
profiling primitivesEEL Debugging and Profiling (Primitives)
programs, runningRunning Other Programs
prompts, for file namesFile Name Prompts
psftp ssh clientSecure Shell and SCP Support
pull-highlight color classSetting Colors
PuTTY ssh clientSecure Shell and SCP Support
Python modePython Mode
quoting special chars in searchesSearching
R modeR Mode
read-only filesMore File Primitives (Primitives)
 New File Primitives in Epsilon 10 (Changes from Older Versions)
read-only files and buffersRead-Only Files
readme.txt fileFile Inventory (Getting Started)
recalling previous commandsCommand History (General)
rectangle editingRectangle Commands
Red Hat installationUnix Installation (Getting Started)
redo vs. redo-changesUndoing
regionKilling Text
regular expression assertionsRegular Expression Assertions
regular expressionsSearching
 Regular Expressions
 Regular Expression Searching (Primitives)
renaming commands or variablesVariables
renaming filesDired Subcommands
repeating commandsNumeric Arguments (General)
repeating, keysKeys (Primitives)
Repeating: Numeric ArgumentsNumeric Arguments (General)
replacing in multiple filesReplacing
reserved EEL keywordsIdentifiers (EEL)
resizing windowsMouse Support (General)
reverting to old fileReading Files
right margin wrapFormatting Text
RO, in mode lineRead-Only Files
ruler, displayingCustomizing the Screen
run-ssh-agent.bat fileSecure Shell and SCP Support
running other programsRunning Other Programs
saving customizationsSaving Customizations
saving files automaticallyBackup Files
scope of variablesScope of Variables (EEL)
scratch buffersKilling Text
screenEpsilon's Screen Layout (General)
screen-border color classSetting Colors
screen-decoration color classSetting Colors
scripts, complexUnicode Features
scroll barMouse Support (General)
Scroll Lock keyInterrupting a Command
scrolling, linesHorizontal Scrolling
searching multiple filesSearching Multiple Files
searching, and replacingReplacing
searching, case foldingSearching
searching, conventionalSearching
searching, for special charactersSearching
searching, for wordsSearching
searching, incrementalSearching
searching, incremental modeSearching
searching, regular expressionSearching
secure shellSecure Shell and SCP Support
Send To menu, putting Epsilon on aRunning Epsilon via a Shortcut
sendeps programRunning Epsilon via a Shortcut
sendnew.exe fileRunning Epsilon via a Shortcut
sentence commandsSentences
sessions, restoringSession Files
set-variable, in command fileCommand File Examples
setting bookmarksBookmarks
setting, colorsSetting Colors
setting, variablesVariables
sftp programSecure Shell and SCP Support
shebang lineFile Variables
shell extension, Open with EpsilonThe Open With Epsilon Shell Extension
shell modeShell Mode
SHELL, environment variableConfiguration Variables (Getting Started)
 Running Other Programs
shelling commandsRunning Other Programs
short, eel keywordThe Name Table (Primitives)
shortcut, running Epsilon from aRunning Epsilon via a Shortcut
show_minor_mode_ subroutinesWindow Titles and Mode Lines (Primitives)
simple debuggerEpsilon Extension Language Features (Intro to EEL)
sizeof operatorUnary Operators (EEL)
 Sorting Primitives (Primitives)
source code browsingSource Code Browsing Interface
Sp, in mode lineSpell Checking
special files, ignoringSearching Multiple Files
spell checkingSpell Checking
spotSpots (Primitives)
ssh agentsSecure Shell and SCP Support
ssh programSecure Shell and SCP Support
starting EpsilonInvoking Epsilon (Getting Started)
startup filesSaving Customizations
state fileEpsilon Command Line Flags (Getting Started)
 Saving Customizations
string constantString Constants (EEL)
strings in when_loading() ftnsBytecode Files (Primitives)
structure-or-union specifierStructures and Unions (EEL)
subroutineData Types (EEL)
suffix_ subroutinesLanguage Modes
 Defining Language Modes (Primitives)
Susp, in mode lineKeyboard Macros
swap fileEpsilon Command Line Flags (Getting Started)
switches, for EELEEL Command Line Flags (EEL)
switches, for EpsilonEpsilon Command Line Flags (Getting Started)
symbolic links, ignoringfile-pattern-rules
syntax highlightingCode Coloring
system variablesVariables
tab size, settingCustomizing the Screen
tab-width file variableFile Variables
tabs, used for indentingIndenting Commands
tag, struct or unionStructures and Unions (EEL)
tagged regionsCharacter Coloring (Primitives)
tagging function namesTags
Tcl modeTcl Mode
Telnet URLInternet Support
TEMP, environment variableConfiguration Variables (Getting Started)
 Epsilon Command Line Flags (Getting Started)
template, file nameFile Name Templates
 Manipulating File Names (Primitives)
terminal program under X11Epsilon Command Line Flags (Getting Started)
terminal-epsilon programUnix Installation (Getting Started)
TeX modeTeX and LaTeX Modes
text color classSetting Colors
 Colors (Primitives)
third mouse buttonMouse Support (General)
TIMER, type definitionTiming (Primitives)
title, of windowWindow Titles and Mode Lines (Primitives)
TMP, environment variableEpsilon Command Line Flags (Getting Started)
tracing debuggerChanging Commands with EEL
translationLine Translation
 Line Translation Primitives (Primitives)
transposing thingsTransposing
tutorialEpsilon Tutorial (Getting Started)
type namesType Names (EEL)
type pointThe Concurrent Process
type specifierDeclarations (EEL)
Ubuntu installationUnix Installation (Getting Started)
UNC network file syntaxExtended file patterns
underlined textFonts
undo vs. undo-changesUndoing
Unicode conversionUnicode Features
 Character Encoding Conversions (Primitives)
uniform resource locator (URL)Internet Support
Unix filesLine Translation
Unix, Epsilon forUnix Installation (Getting Started)
Unix, in mode lineLine Translation
update EpsilonUpdating from an Old Version
updating EpsilonUpdating from an Old Version
URL (uniform resource locator)Internet Support
URL syntaxURL Syntax
USE_DEFAULT_COLORS, environment variableSetting Colors
Users directoryThe Customization Directory (Getting Started)
UTF-16 encodingUnicode Features
variables, buffer-specificVariables
 Scope of Variables (EEL)
 Global Definitions (EEL)
variables, in EELScope of Variables (EEL)
variables, setting & showingVariables
variables, window-specificVariables
 Scope of Variables (EEL)
 Global Definitions (EEL)
VBasic modeVisual Basic Mode
vert-border color classSetting Colors
vert_border color classColors (Primitives)
VHDL modeVHDL Mode
Vi/Vim file variablesVi/Vim File Variables
VisEpsil.dll fileMS-Windows Integration Features
Visual Basic modeVisual Basic Mode
Visual Studio, integration withMS-Windows Integration Features
-w EEL command line flagEEL Command Line Flags (EEL)
Web URLInternet Support
wgetInternet Support
wheel mouse buttonMouse Support (General)
wheel mouse supportwheel-click-lines
when_setting_ subroutinesBuilt-in and User Variables (Primitives)
wildcard file patternsExtended file patterns
wildcard searchingRegular Expressions
win-askpass.exe fileFile Inventory (Getting Started)
window handleCreating & Destroying Windows (Primitives)
window numberCreating & Destroying Windows (Primitives)
window storage classVariables
window titleWindow Titles and Mode Lines (Primitives)
window, keywordGlobal Definitions (EEL)
 Differences Between EEL And C (EEL)
window-black color classWindow Borders
window-blue color classWindow Borders
window-specific variablesVariables
 Scope of Variables (EEL)
windowsWindow Concepts (General)
windows, creatingCreating Windows
windows, deletingRemoving Windows
windows, selectingSelecting Windows
windows, sizingResizing Windows
winpty.exe filessh-command-windows
word commandsWords
word searchingSearching
word wrap modeFormatting Text
wrapping during searchesSearching
wrapping text as you typeFormatting Text
wrapping, linesHorizontal Scrolling
write-line-translate file variableFile Variables
WWW URLInternet Support
X11 windowing systemUnix Installation (Getting Started)
xdvi dvi viewer programTeX and LaTeX Modes
xtermEpsilon Command Line Flags (Getting Started)
yap dvi viewer programTeX and LaTeX Modes

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