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Changes to EEL Primitives and Subroutines in Epsilon 10  Epsilon User's Manual and Reference   Key Index

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Epsilon Key Assignments

This page lists the default key bindings of the most common Epsilon commands. A PDF version of this page, keychart.pdf, formatted as a printable reference card, is included in the Epsilon distribution. Also see the list of Brief mode key bindings in Brief Emulation and the list of CUA mode (Windows-style) key bindings in CUA Keyboard.


 F1  help
 Shift-F1  context-help
 F5  show-bindings
 F6  what-is
 F1 L  show-last-keys
 F1 A  apropos
 F1 V  show-version


 Alt-/  set-bookmark
 Alt-j  jump-to-last-bookmark
 Ctrl-x /  set-named-bookmark
 Ctrl-x j  jump-to-named-bookmark


 Ctrl-x b  select-buffer
 Ctrl-x k  kill-buffer
 Ctrl-x Ctrl-k  kill-current-buffer
 Ctrl-x Ctrl-b  bufed
 Ctrl-<Tab>  switch-buffers
 F12, Ctrl-x >  next-buffer
 F11, Ctrl-x <  previous-buffer
 Ctrl-x Ctrl-q  change-read-only

Commenting Commands

 Alt-;  indent-for-comment
 Ctrl-x ;  set-comment-column
 Alt-<Minus> Ctrl-x ;  kill-comment


 Ctrl-F2  compare-windows
 Alt-]  next-difference
 Alt-[  previous-difference

Display Commands

 Ctrl-F6  set-show-graphic
 Shift-F6  change-show-spaces

EEL Extensions

 Alt-F3  compile-buffer


 Ctrl-x Ctrl-f  find-file
 Ctrl-x Ctrl-v  visit-file
 Ctrl-x Ctrl-s  save-file
 Ctrl-x Ctrl-w  write-file
 Ctrl-F7  copy-to-file
 Ctrl-x i  insert-file
 Ctrl-x w  write-region
 Alt-F9  print-buffer
 Alt-~  change-modified
 F7  cd
 Ctrl-x d  dired
 Alt-o  quick-dired-command
 Ctrl-x Ctrl-l  find-linked-file
 Ctrl-x s  save-all-buffers


 Ctrl-x f  set-fill-column
 Alt-q  fill-paragraph
 Alt-Shift-Q  prefix-fill-paragraph
 Alt-2 Alt-q  unfill paragraph
 Ctrl-c Ctrl-a  align-region
 Ctrl-c >  mail-quote-region
 Ctrl-c <  mail-unquote
 Ctrl-c Alt-q  mail-fill-paragraph

HTML/XML Commands

 Alt-=  html-find-matching-tag
 Alt-i  html-list-element-nesting
 Alt-Shift-L  html-list-mismatched-tags
 Alt-Shift-E  html-close-last-tag
 Alt-Shift-F  html-forward-tag
 Alt-Shift-B  html-backward-tag
 Alt-Shift-D  html-delete-tag
 Alt-Shift-R  xml-sort-by-attribute-name


 Alt-m  to-indentation
 <Tab>  indent-previous
 Shift-<Tab>  back-to-tab-stop
 Ctrl-x <Tab>  indent-rigidly
 Ctrl-Alt-\  indent-region
 Alt-s  center-line
 Ctrl-x Alt-<Tab>  tabify-region
 Ctrl-x Alt-i  untabify-region
 Alt-<Tab>  indent-under

Inserting and Deleting

 "Normal Keys"  normal-character
 Ctrl-q  quoted-insert
 Alt-#  insert-ascii
 Ctrl-o  open-line
 <Backspace>  backward-delete-character
 Ctrl-d, <Del>  delete-character
 Alt-\  delete-horizontal-space
 Ctrl-x Ctrl-o  delete-blank-lines
 <Ins>  overwrite-mode


 Ctrl-Alt-c  show-connections
 URL services:  http, ftp, scp, telnet, ssh

Key Bindings

 Alt-x, F2  named-command
 Alt-F2  show-menu
 F4  bind-to-key
 <Esc>  alt-prefix
 Ctrl-^  ctrl-prefix

Keys At Prompts

 ?  Show matches.
 Alt-<Up>  Show previous responses.
 Alt-e  Edit a response or match.
 Alt-<Down>  Grab next word from buffer.
 Alt-<PgDn>  Grab next line from buffer.
 Alt-g  Insert alternative response.

Keyboard Macros

 Ctrl-x (  start-kbd-macro
 Ctrl-x )  end-kbd-macro
 Ctrl-F4  last-kbd-macro
 Ctrl-x Alt-n  bind-last-macro
 Shift-F4  pause-macro

Killing and Yanking

 Ctrl-@  set-mark
 Ctrl-x Ctrl-h  highlight-region
 Ctrl-x Ctrl-x  exchange-point-and-mark
 Ctrl-k  kill-line
 Ctrl-w  kill-region
 Alt-w  copy-region
 Ctrl-y  yank
 Alt-y  yank-pop
 Ctrl-Alt-w  append-next-kill
 Ctrl-x h  mark-whole-buffer
 Ctrl-x #  mark-rectangle
 Ctrl-x x  copy-to-scratch
 Ctrl-x y  insert-scratch

Language Support

 Alt-'  list-definitions
 Alt-i  list-preprocessor-conditionals
 Ctrl-c Ctrl-r  comment-region
 F3, Ctrl-<Up>  pull-word
 Ctrl-<Down>  pull-word-fwd
 Ctrl-<NumSlash>  browse-symbol


 Ctrl-g  abort
 Ctrl-u  argument
 Ctrl-x =  show-point
 Ctrl-x L  count-lines

Moving Around

 Ctrl-a, Alt-<Left>  beginning-of-line
 Ctrl-e, Alt-<Right>  end-of-line
 Ctrl-n, <Down>  down-line
 Ctrl-p, <Up>  up-line
 Ctrl-f, <Right>  forward-character
 Ctrl-b, <Left>  backward-character
 Ctrl-l  center-window
 Ctrl-v, <PgDn>  next-page
 Alt-v, <PgUp>  previous-page
 Ctrl-z  scroll-up
 Alt-z  scroll-down
 Alt-{  scroll-left
 Alt-}  scroll-right
 Alt-<, Ctrl-<Home>  goto-beginning
 Alt->, Ctrl-<End>  goto-end
 <Home>, Alt-<Comma>  beginning-of-window
 <End>, Alt-<Dot>  end-of-window
 Alt-<PgUp>  page-left
 Alt-<PgDn>  page-right
 Ctrl-x g  goto-line
 Alt-g  jump-to-column

Parenthetic Expressions

 Alt-)  find-delimiter
 Ctrl-Alt-f  forward-level
 Ctrl-Alt-b  backward-level
 Ctrl-Alt-k  kill-level
 Alt-<Del>  backward-kill-level
 C mode: ), }, ]  show-matching-delimiter

Running Programs

 Ctrl-x Ctrl-e  push
 Ctrl-x Ctrl-m  start-process
 Ctrl-c Ctrl-c  stop-process
 Shift-F3  view-process
 Alt-F3  compile-buffer
 Ctrl-x m  make
 Ctrl-x Ctrl-n  next-error
 Ctrl-x Ctrl-p  previous-error
 Alt-|  filter-region


 Alt-e, Ctrl-<Dn>  forward-sentence
 Alt-a, Ctrl-<Up>  backward-sentence
 Alt-k  kill-sentence

Searching & Replacing

 Ctrl-s  incremental-search
 Ctrl-r  reverse-incremental-search
 Ctrl-Alt-s  regex-search
 Ctrl-Alt-r  reverse-regex-search
 Alt-F7  grep
 Ctrl-x Ctrl-n  next-match
 Ctrl-x Ctrl-p  previous-match
 Alt-r, Alt-%  query-replace
 Alt-*  regex-replace
 Alt-&  replace-string
 Shift-F7  file-query-replace

Within any search or replace command, the following keys toggle the indicated mode:

 Ctrl-w  Word mode.
 Ctrl-t  Regular expression mode.
 Ctrl-c  Case sensitive mode.
 Ctrl-o  Incremental mode.
 Ctrl-q  Quote the following Ctrl character.
 Ctrl-q Ctrl-j  Search for <Newline> character.

Regular Expression Characters

 abc|def  Finds either abc or def.
 (abc)  Finds abc.
 abc+  Finds abc or abcc or abccc....
 abc*  Finds ab or abc or abcc....
 abc?  Finds ab or abc.
 [abcx-z]  Finds a or b or c or x or y or z.
 [^abcx-z]  Finds any one character but those.
 .  Finds any character but <Newline>.
 abc$  Finds abc at the end of a line.
 ^abc  Finds abc at the start of a line.
 %^  Finds literal ^ (quotes ()[]<>|+*?%$^).
 <Tab>  Finds a <Tab> character.
 <#123>  Finds character with ASCII code 123.

Sorting & Duplicates


Spell Checking

 Ctrl-c Ctrl-o  spell-correct

Starting & Exiting

 Ctrl-x Ctrl-c, Alt-F4  exit
 Ctrl-x Ctrl-z  exit-level
 Ctrl-F3  write-state
 Shift-F5  read-session


 Ctrl-x <Period>  goto-tag
 Ctrl-x <Comma>  pluck-tag
 Ctrl-<NumPlus>  next-tag
 Ctrl-<NumMinus>  previous-tag
 Ctrl-x Alt-<Period>  tag-files
 Ctrl-x Alt-<Comma>  select-tag-file

TeX and LaTeX Modes

 Alt-i  tex-italic
 Alt-Shift-I  tex-slant
 Alt-Shift-T  tex-typewriter
 Alt-Shift-B  tex-boldface
 Alt-Shift-F  tex-footnote
 Alt-s  tex-center-line
 Alt-Shift-E  tex-environment
 Alt-"  tex-force-quote


 Ctrl-t  transpose-characters
 Alt-t  transpose-words
 Ctrl-x Ctrl-t  transpose-lines


 F9, Ctrl-x u  undo
 F10, Ctrl-x r  redo
 Ctrl-F9, Ctrl-x Ctrl-u  undo-changes
 Ctrl-F10, Ctrl-x Ctrl-r  redo-changes
 Shift-F9  undo-movements
 Shift-F10  redo-movements

Variables & Customizing

 F8  set-variable
 Ctrl-F8  show-variable
 Alt-F8  edit-variables


 Ctrl-x 1  one-window
 Ctrl-x 2  split-window
 Ctrl-x 5  split-window-vertically
 Ctrl-x 0, Ctrl-x Ctrl-d  kill-window
 Ctrl-x z  zoom-window
 Ctrl-x <Arrow>  move-to-window
 Ctrl-x n  next-window
 Ctrl-x p  previous-window
 Ctrl-x <Plus>  enlarge-window-interactively
 Ctrl-x <Minus>  shrink-window-interactively
 Ctrl-<PgUp>  enlarge-window
 Ctrl-<PgDn>  shrink-window

Word & Paragraph Commands

 Alt-f, Ctrl-<Right>  forward-word
 Alt-b, Ctrl-<Left>  backward-word
 Alt-<Backspace>  backward-kill-word
 Alt-d  kill-word
 Alt-c  capitalize-word
 Alt-l  lowercase-word
 Alt-u  uppercase-word
 Alt-], Alt-<Down>  forward-paragraph
 Alt-[, Alt-<Up>  backward-paragraph
 Alt-h  mark-paragraph

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Changes to EEL Primitives and Subroutines in Epsilon 10  Epsilon User's Manual and Reference   Key Index

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