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Change spacing to line up similar things.  Ctrl-c Ctrl-a

This command looks for strings that occur on more than one line in the region, then changes the spacing before them to make them line up. By default, it does this for "=" characters and comments. Modes can define additional strings to align. C mode also aligns the names of variables in simple variable definitions and the definitions of #define lines. The align-region-rules variable controls what will be aligned.

With a numeric argument, this command does manual alignment. It prompts for a regular expression pattern. The pattern must consist of two subpatterns, each enclosed in parentheses, such that #1 and #2 would match the subpatterns in a regular expression replacement operation. For each line containing a match for the pattern, the spacing at the boundary between the two subpatterns will be modified. The new spacing will be based on the widest match for #1.

To align the semicolons on each line, for example, you could use the pattern ()(;). Epsilon uses the first match of the pattern on each line, skipping lines that don't contain a match.

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align-by-tab  Command Reference   alt-prefix

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