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Epsilon User's Manual and Reference
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   Getting Started
   General Concepts
   Commands by Topic
      Getting Help
      Moving Around
      Changing Text
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   Command Reference
   Variable Reference
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Commands by Topic

This chapter lists all the Epsilon commands, grouped by topic. Each section ends with a summary of the keys, and the names you would use to invoke the commands by name, or to rebind them to other keys.

In this chapter:
Getting Help
     Info Mode
     Web-based Epsilon Documentation
Moving Around
     Simple Movement Commands
     Moving in Larger Units
          Parenthetic Expressions
          Searching Multiple Files
     Source Code Browsing Interface
     Comparing Two Buffers
     Comparing Many Files
Changing Text
     Inserting and Deleting
     Killing Text
     Clipboard Access
     Rectangle Commands
     Regular Expressions
          Entering Special Characters
          Character Classes
          Regular Expression Examples
          Searching Rules
          Regular Expression Assertions
          Regular Expression Commands
          Comparing By Lines
          Formatting Text
     Indenting Commands
     Automatically Generated Text
     Spell Checking
     Hex Mode
Language Modes
     Asm Mode
     Batch Mode
     C Mode
          Other C mode Features
     Configuration File Mode
     GAMS Mode
     HTML/XML/CSS Modes
     Ini File Mode
     Makefile Mode
     NSIS Mode
     Perl Mode
     PHP Mode
     PostScript Mode
     Python Mode
     R Mode
     Shell Mode
     Tcl Mode
     TeX and LaTeX Modes
     VHDL Mode
     Visual Basic Mode
More Programming Features
     Navigating in Source Code
     Pulling Words
     Accessing Help
     Context-Sensitive Help
     Commenting Commands
Fixing Mistakes
     Interrupting a Command
The Screen
     Display Commands
     Horizontal Scrolling
          Creating Windows
          Removing Windows
          Selecting Windows
          Resizing Windows
     Customizing the Screen
          Cursor Shapes
     Setting Colors
     Code Coloring
     Window Borders
     The Bell
Buffers and Files
          Reading Files
          Read-Only Files
          Saving Files
          Backup Files
          File Name Templates
          Line Translation
          DOS/OEM Character Set Support
          File Name Prompts
          File Name Case
     File Variables
          Directory-wide File Variables
          Vi/Vim File Variables
     Internet Support
          Secure Shell and SCP Support
          URL Syntax
     Unicode Features
     Extended file patterns
     Directory Editing
          Dired Subcommands
     Buffer List Editing
Starting and Stopping Epsilon
     Session Files
          Locating The Session File
     File Associations
     Sending Files to a Prior Instance
     MS-Windows Integration Features
          Running Epsilon via a Shortcut
          The Open With Epsilon Shell Extension
Running Other Programs
     The Concurrent Process
     Compiling From Epsilon
Repeating Commands
     Repeating a Single Command
     Keyboard Macros
Simple Customizing
     Brief Emulation
     CUA Keyboard
     Saving Customizations
     Command Files
          Command File Syntax
          Command File Examples
          Building Command Files
Advanced Topics
     Changing Commands with EEL
     Updating from an Old Version
          Updating from Epsilon 7
          Updating from Epsilon 4
     Keys and their Representation
          Mouse Keys
     Customizing the Mouse

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