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Hex Mode

The hex-mode command creates a second buffer that shows a hex listing of the original buffer. You can edit this buffer, as explained below. Press q when you're done, and Epsilon will return to the original buffer, offering to apply your changes.
A hex digit
(0-9, a-f) in the left-hand column area moves in the hex listing to the new location.

A hex digit
(0-9, a-f) elsewhere in the hex listing modifies the listing.

quits hex mode, removing the hex mode buffer and returning to the original buffer. Epsilon will first offer to apply your editing changes to the original buffer.

moves between the columns of the hex listing.

s or r
searches by hex bytes. Type a series of hex bytes, like 0a 0d 65, and Epsilon will search for them. S searches forward, R in reverse.

Ctrl-s and Ctrl-r
temporarily toggle to the original buffer so you can search for literal text. When the search ends, they move to the corresponding place in the hex listing.

toggles between the original buffer and the hex mode buffer, going to the corresponding position.

prompts for a new character value and overwrites the current character with it. You can use any of these formats: 'A', 65, 0x41 (hex), 0b1100101 (binary), 0o145 (octal).

n or p
move to the next or previous line.

prompts for an offset in hexadecimal, then goes there.

toggles the hex overwrite submode, which changes how Epsilon interprets keys you type in the rightmost column of the hex listing. In overwrite mode, printable characters you type in the rightmost column overwrite the text there, instead of acting as hex digits or commands.

For instance, typing "3as" in the last column while in overwrite mode replaces the next three characters with the characters 3, a, and s. Outside overwrite mode, they replace the current character with one whose hex code is 3a, and then begin a search.

To use hex mode commands from overwrite mode, prefix them with a Ctrl-c character, such as Ctrl-c o to exit overwrite mode. Or move out of the rightmost column with <Tab> or other movement keys.

shows help on hex mode.

Standard bindings:


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