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Visual Basic Mode

Epsilon automatically enters Visual Basic mode when you read a file with an extension of .vb, .bas, .frm, .vbs, .ctl, or .dsr (plus certain .cls files as well). In Visual Basic mode, Epsilon does appropriate syntax highlighting, smart indenting, tagging, and comment filling.

When the cursor is on a brace, bracket, or parenthesis, Epsilon will try to locate its matching brace, bracket, or parenthesis, and highlight them both. If the current character has no match, Epsilon will not highlight it. Set the variable auto-show-vbasic-delimiters to zero to disable this feature.

Set the vbasic-indent variable to alter the level of indentation Epsilon uses. Set vbasic-indent-subroutines to change Epsilon's indenting style. Set the vbasic-indent-with-tabs variable nonzero if you want Epsilon to indent using a mix of tab characters and spaces, instead of just spaces.

When you yank blocks of text into a buffer in Visual Basic mode, Epsilon can automatically reindent it. See the variable reindent-after-vbasic-yank to enable this behavior. The vbasic-reindent-previous-line variable controls whether pressing <Enter> to insert and indent a new line also reindents the existing one.

The vbasic-language-level variable lets you customize which Visual Basic keywords Epsilon colors.

Standard bindings:


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