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Navigating in Source Code

In most language modes, you can press Alt-' to display a list of all functions and global variables defined in the current file. You can move to a definition in the list and press <Enter> and Epsilon will go to that definition, or press Ctrl-g to remain at the starting point.

By default, this command skips over external declarations. With a prefix numeric argument, it includes those too (if the current language has such a notion and the mode supports this). The list-which-definitions variable lets you customize which types of definitions are shown (in those modes that can show more than one type). The list-definitions-live-update variable lets you keep Epsilon from repositioning in the source file window as you navigate in the definitions window or include source file line numbers in the window title.

The goto-next-declaration command on Ctrl-c Ctrl-n moves to the next global declaration or definition of a function or variable in the current file, and the goto-previous-declaration command on Ctrl-c Ctrl-p move to the previous one. The goto-next-definition and goto-previous-definition commands are similar but move by definitions, ignoring declarations.

Also see Epsilon's tagging features in Tags, and its interface to Microsoft's source code browsing database in Source Code Browsing Interface.

Standard bindings:

  Alt-'  list-definitions
 Ctrl-c Ctrl-n  goto-next-declaration
 Ctrl-c Ctrl-p  goto-previous-declaration

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More Programming Features  Commands by Topic   Pulling Words

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