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Customizing the Mouse  Commands by Topic   Command Reference

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You can use the eval command to quickly evaluate an arbitrary EEL expression, or do simple integer-only math. By default, the command displays the result; use a numeric prefix argument and it will insert the result in the current buffer. You can append a ; character followed by a printf-style format specification, and Epsilon will use that format for the result. For example, 403*2;x displays the value 806 converted to hexadecimal, 0x03B5;k displays the name of Unicode character U+03B5, and "simple";.3s displays "sim".

Similarly, the execute-eel command executes a line of EEL code that you type in.

The command narrow-to-region temporarily restricts your access to the current buffer to the region between the current values of point and mark. Epsilon hides the portion of the buffer outside this region. Searches will only operate in the narrowed region. While running with the buffer narrowed, Epsilon considers the buffer to start at the beginning of the region, and end at the end of the region. However, if you use a file-saving command with the buffer narrowed in this manner, Epsilon will write the entire file to disk. To restore normal access to the buffer, use the widen-buffer command.

Under Windows, you can set Epsilon's key repeat rate with the key-repeat-rate variable. It contains the number of repeats to perform in each second. Setting this variable to 0 lets the operating system or keyboard determine the repeat rate, as it does outside of Epsilon. Epsilon never lets repeated keys pile up; it ignores automatically repeated keys when necessary.

Standard bindings:


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Customizing the Mouse  Commands by Topic   Command Reference

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