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Building Command Files

Rather than preparing command files according to the rules presented here, you may wish to have Epsilon write parts of them automatically. You can set the record-customizations variable so Epsilon does this automatically whenever you define a macro or bind a key, writing the definition to your einit.ecm file.

Or you can have Epsilon list all your current customization settings in a file. The list-customizations command inserts a list of all your customizations into the customization buffer, which contains your einit.ecm file. This includes bindings, macros, color settings, and other changes. The list-all command is similar, but lists every setting, even if it's not a customization (such as variable settings you've never customized).

Epsilon also has commands to create individual bind-to-key and define-macro lines needed to define a specific current binding or macro.

The insert-binding command asks you for a key, and inserts a bind-to-key command into the current buffer. When you load the command buffer, Epsilon will restore the binding of that key.

The insert-macro command creates an appropriate define-macro command for a macro whose name you specify, and inserts the command it builds into the current buffer. This comes in handy for editing an existing keyboard macro. You can use the edit-customizations command first to switch to the customization buffer, creating it if necessary.

Standard bindings:


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Command File Examples  Commands by Topic   Changing Commands with EEL

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