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Build a list of current customizations.

This command constructs an einit.ecm customization file based on your current set of variable definitions, key bindings, color settings, loaded EEL extensions, and so forth. The new definitions are added to the end of your einit.ecm file, and Epsilon will use them the next time it starts. Epsilon comments out any previous settings in that file, and deletes previous settings it commented out on a previous run. With a numeric argument, it doesn't comment out or delete previous settings.

It works by running another copy of Epsilon with no customizations loaded, having it generate a complete list of settings, and then comparing that list to current settings. Each difference represents a particular customization.

Some definitions and settings may be the result of loading an EEL extension file. Rather than list these individually, this command lists just the EEL source file name. It displays all EEL source files it knows of, before it starts, and you can edit this list if you like.

Also see the clean-customizations and import-customizations commands.

More info:

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list-colors  Command Reference   list-definitions

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