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The print-buffer command on Alt-F9 prints the current buffer. If a region is highlighted on the screen, the command prints just that region. The print-region command on Shift-F9 always prints just the current region, whether or not it's highlighted.

Under Windows, the printing commands display the familiar Windows print dialog. From this dialog, you can select a different printer, select particular pages to print, and so forth. The print-setup command lets you select a different printer without printing anything, or set the margins. Invoke the printing commands with a numeric prefix argument to skip the print dialog and just print with default settings. The print-buffer-no-prompt command also skips the print dialog and uses default settings.

You can change the font Epsilon for Windows uses for printing with the set-printer-font command. See Fonts for more information.

By default, Epsilon for Windows will print in color on color printers, and in black & white on non-color printers. You can set the print-in-color variable to 0, if you don't want Epsilon to ever print in color, or to 2 if you want Epsilon to attempt to use colors even if the printer doesn't appear to be a color printer. (Some printers will substitute shades of grey.) The default value, 1, produces color printing only on color printers.

If you have a color printer, and want to use a different color scheme when printing than you do for screen display, set the variable print-color-scheme to the name of the color scheme Epsilon should use for printing.

Epsilon for Windows prints a heading at the top of each page. You can set the print-heading variable (which see) to control what it includes. By default it prints the file name, page number, and current date.

You can set the variable print-line-numbers nonzero if you want Epsilon to include line numbers, or set print-doublespaced if you want Epsilon for Windows to skip alternate lines. (To display line numbers on the screen, not when printing, see the draw-line-numbers variable.)

In non-Windows environments, the printing commands prompt for the device name of a printer. They then write the text to that device name. If you want Epsilon to run a program that will print the file, you can do that too. See the description of the print-destination variable in the online help. (For Unix, see print-destination-unix, which by default runs the lpr program to print a file.) If you want Epsilon for Windows to run a program in order to print a file, bypassing the Windows print dialog, you can set want-gui-printing to zero.

By default, Epsilon converts tabs to spaces in a copy of the buffer before printing it. Set the variable print-tabs to one if you want Epsilon to print the file just as it is, including the tab characters.

Standard bindings:

  Alt-F9  print-buffer
 Shift-F9  print-region

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Unicode Features  Commands by Topic   Extended file patterns

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