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The set-font command changes the font Epsilon uses, by displaying a font dialog box and letting you pick a new font. Modifying the font-fixed variable is another way to set the font.

Epsilon also applies the styles bold, italic and underlined to the selected font for certain types of text, such as comments. Epsilon treats these styles as if they were part of the foreground color of a particular type of text. The set-color command lets you set which types of text receive which styles. Also see the variables font-styles and font-styles-tolerance.

Epsilon for Unix supports setting the font under X11, using set-font or font-fixed, but not the remaining commands and settings in this section.

You can specify a specific font for use in printing with the set-printer-font command. Similarly, the set-dialog-font command lets you specify what font to use for Epsilon's dialog windows (like the one bufed displays). There are also corresponding variables font-printer and font-dialog.

The command change-font-size supplements set-font by providing additional font choices. Some Windows fonts include a variety of character cell widths for a given character cell height. Commands like set-font utilize the standard Windows font dialog, which doesn't provide any way to select these alternate widths. The change-font-size command lets you choose these fonts.

The change-font-size command doesn't change the font name, or toggle bold or italic. You'll need to use the set-font command to do that.

Instead, change-font-size lets you adjust the height and width of the current font using the arrow keys. You can abort to restore the old font settings, or press <Enter> or <Space> to keep them. This is a handy way to shrink or expand the font size. A width or height of 0 means use a suitable default.

Standard bindings:


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Cursor Shapes  Commands by Topic   Setting Colors

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