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font-fixed: preference variable

Default value: varies

This variable controls what font Epsilon uses.

Under Windows, it contains the name of the font, followed by several numbers separated by commas. The first number specifies a point size. The second specifies the width of the font in pixels, or 0 if any width is acceptable. A small number of fonts, such as Terminal, have multiple widths for each height. The third number specifies how bold the font is. A typical font uses a value of 400, while a bold font is usually 700. The fourth number is nonzero to indicate an italic font. The fifth number indicates a character set; 1 means use the default character set for the font, 0 means use ANSI, 255 means use OEM.

Under X11, it contains a standard X11 font name, possibly with wildcards.

EEL code must use assignment, not strcpy( ) or similar, to set this and other font variables, as in font_fixed = "Courier New,12,0,400,0,0". It's not necessary to preserve the source character array; Epsilon will copy the value. Epsilon automatically saves and restores font variables using OS-specific methods (in the Windows registry, or in an X11 resource file), and does not save these in its state file.

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