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Horizontal Scrolling

The Alt-{ and Alt-} commands scroll the text in the window to the left or right, respectively, by one column.

The Alt-{ and Alt-} commands also control how Epsilon displays long lines to you. Epsilon can, for display purposes, wrap long lines to the next line. Epsilon indicates a wrapped line by displaying a special continuation character where it broke the line for display purposes. But by default Epsilon displays long lines by simply scrolling them off the display. To switch from scrolling long lines to wrapping long lines, use the Alt-} command to scroll to the right, past the end. Epsilon will then wrap long lines.

Similarly, to switch from wrapping long lines to scrolling long lines, press the Alt-{ key. Subsequent use of the Alt-{ command will then scroll the text in the window to the left, as explained above. Whenever Epsilon changes from one display scheme to the other, it indicates the change in the echo area. If, due to scrolling, some of a buffer's contents would appear past the left edge of the screen, the mode line displays "<number" to indicate the number of columns hidden to the left.

You can also use the change-line-wrapping command to set whether Epsilon wraps long lines in the current window, or horizontally scrolls across them.

(Epsilon can also deal with long lines by splitting them, adding line breaks into the file's text. We call this "filling". See Formatting Text. Filling addresses long lines by splitting them into short ones, while the wrapping described in this section merely changes how Epsilon displays long lines, and doesn't involve changing what's actually in the file.)

If you want Epsilon to always wrap long lines, set the default value of the window-specific variable display-column to -1 using the set-variable command on F8. See Saving Customizations for info on making such customizations permanent.

In a dialog, another way to handle lines that are too long to fit in a window is to resize the dialog by moving its borders. Most dialogs in Epsilon for Windows are resizable, and Epsilon will remember the new size from session to session.

The Alt-PageUp and Alt-PageDown keys scroll horizontally, like Ctrl-v and Alt-v. More precisely, they move the point left or right on the current line by about half the width of the current window, then reposition the window so the point is visible. The command jump-to-column on Alt-g prompts for a column number, then goes to the specified column.

Standard bindings:

  Alt-{  scroll-left
 Alt-}  scroll-right
 Alt-<PageUp>  page-left
 Alt-<PageDown>  page-right
 Alt-g  jump-to-column

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