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Print the current buffer.  Alt-F9

This command prints the current buffer. Under Windows, it displays the standard Windows printing dialog. You can choose to print the current selection, the entire buffer, or just certain pages.

Under other environments, this command prints the current highlighted region. If no region in the buffer is highlighted, the command prints the entire buffer.

It prompts for the device name of your printer, storing your response in the variable print-destination (or, under Unix, print-destination-unix), and then writes a copy of the buffer to that device.

If the printer name begins with the ! character, Epsilon interprets the remainder of the name as a command line to execute in order to print a file. Epsilon substitutes the file to be printed for any %f sequence in the command line. For example, if your system requires you to type "netprint filename" to print a file, enter !netprint %f as the device name and Epsilon will run that command, passing it the file name of the temporary file it generates holding the text to print. The device name can include any of the file name template sequences, such as %p for the path to the file to print. It can also include %t, which substitutes the name of the buffer or file being printed (which will be different from the name of temporary file with the text to print). It may be used as a title or heading.

If the variable print-tabs is zero, Epsilon will make a copy of the text to print and convert any tabs into spaces before sending it to the printer.

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