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Web-based Epsilon Documentation

Epsilon's online manual is available in three formats:

  • You can read the manual in an Epsilon buffer using Info mode by pressing F1 f. See Info Mode.

  • Users running Microsoft Windows versions prior to Windows Vista can access the WinHelp version of the manual by pressing F1 w. See Getting Help for more information.

  • You can view the HTML version of the manual using a web browser by pressing F1 h.

To display the HTML manual, Epsilon starts a documentation server program. This is named lhelp.exe (or lhelpd in Unix). The documentation server runs in the background, hiding itself from view, and your web browser communicates with it on a special "port", as if it were a web server.

The documentation server must be running in order to serve documentation, so a bookmark to a page in the documentation will only work if the documentation server is running. You can press F1 h in Epsilon to ensure it's running. To force an instance of the documentation server to exit, invoke it again with the -q flag.

If your browser is configured to use a proxy, you will typically need to tell it not to use proxy settings for addresses starting with so that it may connect to the local documentation server.

Epsilon for Unix uses a shell script named goto_url to run a browser. You can edit it if you prefer a different browser. Epsilon will first look for a customized copy of goto_url in your ~/.epsilon directory. If there is none, it will search for and invoke any customized copy of goto_url it finds on your path. Failing that, it will use the standard copy installed in Epsilon's bin directory. Epsilon for Windows uses the system's default browser.

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Info Mode  Commands by Topic   Simple Movement Commands

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