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Brief Emulation

Epsilon can emulate the Brief text editor. The brief-keyboard command loads a Brief-style keyboard map. To undo this change, you can use the epsilon-keyboard command, which restores the standard keyboard configuration (see Epsilon Key Assignments) . This command only modifies those key combinations that Brief uses. Other keys retain their Epsilon definition. The Brief key map appears in the table.

 Alt-a  mark-normal-region
 Alt-b  bufed
 Ctrl-b  line-to-bottom
 Ctrl-c  center-window
 Alt-c  mark-rectangle
 Alt-d  kill-current-line
 Ctrl-d  scroll-down
 Alt-e  find-file
 Ctrl-e  scroll-up
 Alt-f  display-buffer-info
 Alt-g  goto-line
 Alt-h  help
 Alt-i  overwrite-mode
 Alt-j  brief-jump-to-bookmark
 Ctrl-k  kill-line
 Alt-k  kill-to-end-of-line
 Alt-l  mark-line-region
 Alt-m  mark-inclusive-region
 Ctrl-n  next-error
 Alt-n  next-buffer
 Alt-o  set-file-name
 Alt-p  print-region
 Ctrl-p  view-process
 Alt-q  quoted-insert
 Alt-r  insert-file
 Ctrl-r  argument
 Alt-s  string-search
 Ctrl-t  line-to-top
 Alt-t  replace-string
 Ctrl-u  redo-by-commands
 Alt-u  undo-by-commands
 Alt-v  show-version
 Alt-w  save-file
 Ctrl-w  set-want-backup-file
 Alt-x  exit
 Ctrl-x  write-files-and-exit
 Alt-z  push
 Ctrl-z  zoom-window
 Alt-1  brief-drop-bookmark 1
 Alt-2  brief-drop-bookmark 2
 ...  ...
 Alt-0  brief-drop-bookmark 10
 F1  move-to-window
 Alt-F1  toggle-borders
 F2  brief-resize-window
 Alt-F2  zoom-window
 F3  brief-split-window
 F4  brief-delete-window
 F5  string-search
 Shift-F5  search-again
 Ctrl-F5  toggle-case-fold
 Alt-F5  reverse-string-search
 F6  query-replace
 Shift-F6  replace-again
 Alt-F6  reverse-replace
 F7  record-kbd-macro
 Shift-F7  pause-macro
 F8  last-kbd-macro
 F10  named-command
 Alt-F10  compile-buffer
 Ctrl-<Enter>  brief-open-line
 <Esc>  abort
 <Del>  brief-delete-region
 <End>  brief-end-key
 <Home>  brief-home-key
 <Ins>  yank
 Ctrl-<End>  end-of-window
 Ctrl-<Home>  beginning-of-window
 Ctrl-<PgDn>  goto-end
 Ctrl-<PgUp>  goto-beginning
 Alt-<Minus>  previous-buffer
 Ctrl-<Minus>  kill-buffer
 Ctrl-<Bksp>  backward-kill-word
 Shift-<Home>  to-left-edge
 Shift-<End>  to-right-edge
 Num +  brief-copy-region
 Num -  brief-cut-region
 Num *  undo-by-commands

In this release, Epsilon doesn't emulate a few parts of Brief. The separate command for toggling regular expression mode is not present, but you can type Ctrl-t within any searching command to toggle it. Regular expressions follow Epsilon's syntax, not Brief's. Brief's commands for loading and saving keyboard macro files aren't implemented, since Epsilon lets you have an unlimited number of macros loaded at once, not just one. Epsilon will beep if you press the key of an unimplemented Brief emulation command.

In Brief, the shifted arrow keys normally switch windows. But Epsilon adopts the Windows convention that shifted arrow keys select text. In Brief mode, the Alt-arrow keys on the separate cursor pad may be used to switch windows.

You can make Epsilon's display resemble Brief's display using the set-display-look command. See Window Borders.

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