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Remove borders around windows, use color to distinguish them.  Brief: Alt-F1

This command removes the borders around ordinary tiled windows, letting the text regions occupy more of the screen. If the windows have no borders already, this command restores them. When this command reenables borders, it does so according to the settings of the variables border-left, border-top, and so forth. Epsilon displays a border only if the appropriate variable has been set, and toggle-borders hasn't disabled all borders.

When there are no window borders, Epsilon provides each window with its own separate color scheme, in place of the single one selected by set-color. (You can still use set-color to set the individual colors in a color scheme, but Epsilon doesn't care which particular color scheme you select when it displays the contents of individual windows. It does use the selected color scheme for other parts of the screen like the echo area or screen border.)

The color schemes Epsilon uses for borderless windows have names like "window-black", "window-blue" and so forth. Epsilon assigns them to windows in the same order they appear in set-color. You can remove one from consideration using the delete-name command, or create a new one using set-color (give it a name starting with "window-").

More info:

Window Borders

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