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For sentences, Epsilon has the Alt-e and Alt-a keys, which move forward and backward by sentences, and the Alt-k key, which deletes forward to the end of the current sentence. A sentence ends with one of the characters period, !, or ?, followed by any number of the characters ", ', ), ], followed by a space or a newline. A sentence also ends at the end of a paragraph. The next section describes Epsilon's notion of a paragraph.

You can set the sentence-end-double-space variable to change Epsilon's notion of a sentence. The commands in this section will require two spaces to mark the end of a sentence, and paragraph filling commands will use two spaces as well. This older style also permits Epsilon to distinguish abbreviations (followed by one space) from the ends of sentences (two spaces), which it can't do by default.

Standard bindings:

  Alt-e  forward-sentence
 Alt-a  backward-sentence
 Alt-k  kill-sentence

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