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Error Messages

This chapter lists some of the error messages Epsilon can produce, with explanations. In general, any error numbers produced with error messages are returned from the operating system.

Argument list mismatch in call. An EEL function was called with the wrong number of parameters. Perhaps you tried to call an EEL function by name, from the command line. Only functions that take no formal parameters can be called this way.

Can't find tutorial. Install first. Epsilon tried to load its tutorial file, since you started it with the -teach option, but can't find it. The tutorial is a file named eteach, located in Epsilon's main directory.

Can't interpret type of variable-name. You can only set or show variables that have numbers or characters in them.

COMSPEC missing from environment. Epsilon needs a valid COMSPEC environment variable in order to run another program. See Configuration Variables.

Couldn't exec: error number. You tried to run a program from within Epsilon, and Epsilon encountered an error trying to invoke that program. The number denotes the error code returned by the operating system. Also see the previous error.

Debug: can't read source file filename. Epsilon's EEL debugger tried to read an EEL source file, but couldn't find it. Epsilon gets a source file's pathname from the EEL compiler's command line. If you compiled an EEL file with the command "eel dir/file.e", Epsilon will look for a file named "dir/file.e". Check that your current directory is the same as when you ran the EEL compiler.

Don't know how to tag the file filename. Epsilon only knows how to tag files with certain extensions like .c, .h, .e, and .asm. Using EEL, you can tell Epsilon how to tag other types of files, though. See Tagging Internals.

Files not deleted. An error occurred when the dired command tried to delete the file or directory. You can only delete empty directories.

Invalid or outdated byte code file filename. The byte code file Epsilon tried to load was created with another version of Epsilon, was empty, or was illegal in some other way. Try compiling it again with the EEL compiler.

filename is not a directory. You specified filename in an -fs flag, telling Epsilon to create its temporary files there, but it isn't a directory.

Macro definition buffer full: keyboard macro defined. You tried to define a macro of more than 500 keys from the keyboard. This might happen because you forgot to close a macro definition with the Ctrl-x ) command. If you really want to define such a big macro, use the command file mechanism (see Command Files) or change the MAX_MACRO constant defined in eel.h and recompile control.e using EEL.

Macro nesting too deep. All macros canceled. An Epsilon keyboard macro can call another keyboard macro recursively (but only if the calling macro is defined by a command file--see Keyboard Macros). To catch runaway recursive macros, Epsilon puts a limit on the depth of keyboard macro recursion. Epsilon allows unlimited tail-recursion: if a macro calls another macro with its last keystrokes, Epsilon finishes the original macro call before beginning the next one.

Only one window. The diff and compare-windows commands compare the current window with the next window on the screen, but there's only one window.

function undefined or of wrong type. Epsilon initialized itself exclusively from a bytecode file (without reading a state file), since you gave the -b flag, but that file didn't define a function or variable that Epsilon needs to run. See Starting and Finishing. To load a bytecode file, in addition to Epsilon's usual commands, use the -l flag, not the -b flag.

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Language-specific Subroutines  Epsilon User's Manual and Reference   Changes from Older Versions

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