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Toggle automatic line breaking.

Epsilon can automatically break lines when you type text. With auto filling enabled, Epsilon will break the line when necessary by turning some previous space into a newline, breaking the line at that point. You can set the maximum line length for breaking purposes with the set-fill-column command.

Use this command to enable or disable auto filling for the current buffer. A nonzero numeric argument turns auto filling on. A numeric argument of zero turns it off. With no numeric argument, the command toggles the state of auto filling. In any case, the command reports the new status of auto filling in the echo area.

To set auto-fill on by default in new buffers you create, use the set-variable command on F8 to set the default value of the fill-mode variable to 1.

In C mode buffers, this command simply sets the variable c-auto-fill-mode. Some other modes have mode-specific variables with similar names, including html-auto-fill-mode, misc-language-fill-mode, and tex-auto-fill-mode.

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