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Browse source code for this symbol.  Ctrl-<NumSlash>

Epsilon provides an interface to source code browsing data generated by Microsoft compilers, using a buffer in Browse mode. Use this command to display the data available for a particular symbol, such as a function or variable name.

First you must set up Epsilon for source code browsing by turning on browsing data in your compiler and running the configure-epsilon command to install a .DLL file. See Source Code Browsing Interface for details.

If you haven't already either run the select-browse-file command to select your .bsc browser database file, or used the select-tag-file to select a .bsc file, this command will prompt for your .bsc file the first time you run it.

The command then prompts for the name of a symbol and displays its data. Symbol name completion is available. You can put a * at the end of the symbol name to display all symbols starting with the given prefix, or write classname:: to display all that class's members.

The #symbols# buffer it creates is in browse-mode; see that topic for details on its commands. Also see the browse-current-symbol command.

More info:

Source Code Browsing Interface

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browse-set-usedby-filter  Command Reference   bufed

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