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Replace or ignore a misspelled word.  Ctrl-c Ctrl-o

You can use this command to replace a misspelled word from a list of suggestions, or enter it into an "ignore list" so Epsilon will no longer complain about it.

Your global ignore list is a file named ignore.lst in your customization directory. Epsilon also checks directory-specific and file-specific ignore lists. When checking a file named file.txt, for example, Epsilon looks for an ignore list file named .file.txt.espell in that same directory, and a directory-specific ignore list file in that directory named .directory.espell.

All these files contain one word per line. You can edit them to remove words you no longer wish the speller to ignore. Epsilon automatically sorts ignore list files when it uses them.

Epsilon can generate suggestions in one of several ways. Its default method can be replaced by a faster but less accurate method by setting a bit in the appropriate mode-specific variable, such as c-spell-options for C mode or default-spell-options for modes without their own variable. Or by setting the spell-helper-program variable, using the spell-configure command, Epsilon can use an external program to provide suggestions.

More info:

Spell Checking

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spell-configure  Command Reference   spell-grep

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