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spell-buffer-or-region  Command Reference   spell-correct

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Set up dictionary for spell checking.

This command configures the dictionary file Epsilon uses for spell checking, installing it if necessary. The first time you run it, it will download (if necessary) and unpack a set of dictionary files. See if you need to download these manually.

Then it will ask for your preferences on dictionary size, variety of English (American, British, or Canadian spellings), and so forth. (Bigger dictionaries recognize rarer words, but won't catch misspellings that result in rare words.) Run it again to change these preferences.

You can choose to include abbreviations and acronyms like "TV", "VIP", or "rpm", contractions like "doesn't", or "I'm", or words that must start with an uppercase letter, like "Doctor", "December", or "Europe". The proper names category includes less common names like "Brian" or "Altman" that are not included in the uppercase category. (Some words appear in more than one category.)

Variants permit words like "fiascos" in addition to "fiascoes" or "Hanukah" in addition to "Hanukkah".

It also asks if you want to run an external helper program to generate better suggestions. If you have one of the supported programs installed, letting Epsilon use it will produce faster, more appropriate suggestions. Epsilon can use the free aspell and ispell programs often installed on Unix systems (and available on Windows systems through a Cygwin package from, the commercial MicroSpell spell checker for Windows from (version 9.1f or later), or the Mac's spelling engine.

This option sets the spell-helper-program variable. If your external speller program is not on your PATH, you'll have to modify this variable to include its full pathname.

More info:

Spell Checking

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spell-buffer-or-region  Command Reference   spell-correct

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