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profile  Command Reference   pull-word-fwd

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Complete this word by scanning the buffer.  F3, Ctrl-<Up>

This command scans the buffer before point, and copies the previous word to the location at point. If you type the key again, it pulls in the word before that, etc. Whenever Epsilon pulls in a word, it replaces any previously pulled-in word. If you like the word that has been pulled in, you do not need to do anything special to accept it-Epsilon resumes normal editing when you type any key except for the few special keys reserved by this command. Type Ctrl-g to erase the pulled-in word and abort this command.

If a portion of a word immediately precedes point, that subword becomes a filter for pulled-in words. For example, suppose you start to type a word that begins WM, then you notice that the word WM_QUERYENDSESSION appears a few lines above. Just type Ctrl-<Up> and Epsilon fills in the rest of this word.

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profile  Command Reference   pull-word-fwd

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