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New EEL Primitives and Subroutines in Epsilon 12  Changes from Older Versions   Highlights of Epsilon 11

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Changes to EEL Primitives and Subroutines in Epsilon 12

set_color_pair(int colorclass, int fg, int bg, ?int scheme)

The set_color_pair( ) primitive now takes an optional argument specifying which scheme's color class should be set; the default is the current scheme. New macros EFONT_BOLD, EFONT_UNDERLINED, and EFONT_ITALIC support font styles, which are specified as an attribute of a foreground color.

delay(int hundredths, int condition, ?int buf)

The delay( ) primitive now recognizes the additional condition flags COND_PROC_EXIT and COND_RETURN_ABORT, and a new optional third argument to specify which process buffer to wait for.

short *ask_key(char *pr, char *keyname, int ask)
int in_macro(?int ignore_suspended)

To support Epsilon's new notion of generic keys, the ask_key( ) subroutine now takes a third parameter, saying what to do if the user presses a key with both a generic and specific version.

The in_macro( ) primitive now takes an optional argument; if nonzero, it counts a suspended macro as if no macro were running.

buffer_sort(char *newbuf, ?int col, int rev)

The buffer_sort( ) primitive takes an additional argument that specifies reverse sorting, because the previous method of sorting in reverse, rewriting the case folding table, is no longer available. The case folding and classification tables _srch_case_map, _case_map, and _char_class arrays, as well as the EEL global variables that were used to initialize them, have been removed.

The make_temp_file() primitive has been removed; use the new FILE_IO_TEMPFILE flag with the new_file_write( ) primitive instead, and the new get_tempfile_name( ) primitive. The new FILE_IO_NEWFILE flag for new_file_write( ) makes writing fail if a file already exists; the new file_write_newfile variable uses it.

When the is_remote_file( ) primitive checks to see if a file name begins with a valid URL service name, it now uses the new url_services variable.

Mode-specific functions for finding the name of the current function now use some additional variables must_find_func_name and start_of_function, and may be accessed via the new get_func_name( ) subroutine.

The display_dialog_box and do_display_dialog_box functions take two additional parameters. The new dialog_checkboxes variable supports dialogs with check boxes and the key_is_button variable returns additional codes for them.

The sort-status variable in previous versions has been renamed show-status. It now controls whether Epsilon displays progress messages in other contexts than sorting.

Epsilon provides the has_feature variable so an EEL function can determine which facilities are available in the current environment. This version defines an additional bit FEAT_UNICODE which is currently always on.

The modify_region( ) primitive now accepts two new modify codes MRSTARTCOL and MRENDCOL, which force one end of a region to an particular column.

The do_buffer_to_hex( ) primitive takes an optional third argument that specifies the format of its output.

The peek(), poke(), and set_shrinkname() primitives and the subroutines unicode_on_read() and unicode_file_converter() have been removed. The keytran array and the files keydef.h and keyext.h have been removed.

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New EEL Primitives and Subroutines in Epsilon 12  Changes from Older Versions   Highlights of Epsilon 11

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