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Other Changes in Epsilon 12  Changes from Older Versions   EEL Changes for Unicode Support in Epsilon 12

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More Customization Options in Epsilon 12

There are many new variables for customizing Epsilon:
controls whether Epsilon automatically saves a tag file after modifying it.

sets whether Epsilon can back up files by renaming them, instead of copying them (new in v12.02). For Unix, renaming is no longer the default.

lets you make more space for long buffer names in bufed's display (in v12.01).

lets you set bufed to display the absolute path of each file.

customizes how Epsilon indents C++ template definitions (new in v12.04).

lets you change how the common file dialogs in Epsilon for Windows treat the current directory.

has new options for completely ignoring whitespace, not just equating one run of whitespace characters with another.

has more options for supporting Cygwin's Unix-style pathnames under Windows.

can now include new codes %w and %s to represent the day of the week (new in v12.01).

lets you disable checking for modified files based on the type of drive (removable, network, etc.) a file is on, in Epsilon for Windows.

modifies how Epsilon for Unix handles symbolic links when it expands wildcard file patterns.

changes how C mode indents certain preprocessor continuation lines.

controls whether the list-definitions command updates the window behind its dialog as you move around in the dialog, or (in 12.03) shows line numbers.

customizes how the perldoc command retrieves its data (new in v12.04).

customizes how Epsilon indents PHP code (new in v12.04, renamed php-top-level-indent in v13).

has additional flags (in v12.07) for controlling the case of buffer names derived from file names.

lets you disable the coloring of prompts and responses, or the interpretation of certain color-setting ANSI escape sequences, in process buffers. The similar ssh-coloring-rules variable applies to ssh buffers (both new in v12.01).

lets you customize how completion works in the process buffer. You can select Unix-style completion (the default), Windows-style completion as in cmd.exe, and other options.

lets you configure Epsilon for Windows to understand process buffer current directory settings if you've changed the default command prompt.

lets you change how Epsilon behaves when you try to kill a buffer with an active process.

and python-tab-override help customize Python indenting rules (new in v12.02).

lets you set Epsilon so an arrow key at prompts moves to a previous or later response without displaying a list of the responses.

lets you set whether such prior responses will be highlighted.

lets you say if indenting should change preprocessor lines (new in v12.01).

sets whether pressing <Tab> or Shift-<Tab> while defining a rectangular region resizes the region without changing the text, by positioning to the next tab stop. By default, these keys shift the region.

controls how searching commands provide a default search string.

sets whether nonincremental searching always positions to the start of a match, regardless of the direction.

now includes bits that individually control which of the three whitespace characters are to be visible (new in v12.03).

controls whether a highlighted region remains on when you type text.

sets how Epsilon positions point when you yank a line region.

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Other Changes in Epsilon 12  Changes from Older Versions   EEL Changes for Unicode Support in Epsilon 12

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