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Other Changes in Epsilon 12

Epsilon now supports multiple process buffers under Windows NT/2K/XP, as under Unix.

At many prompts, the Alt-g key now inserts an alternative default response. For instance, in a search and replace, Alt-g when entering replacement text inserts the original search text. Alt-g at many file prompts inserts the name of the current file.

Epsilon's notion of bindable keys has been redesigned. There are now many more possible key combinations. Epsilon now uses the concept of generic versus specific keys; for instance, the specific key <Backspace> is also generically a Ctrl-h key. If you bind this key to a new command, Epsilon will ask if you want to bind only the <Backspace> key, or all key combinations that generate a Ctrl-h.

The new variable alt-numpad-keys lets you set how Epsilon for Windows treats the Alt versions of numeric pad keys. Previously the program-keys command set this.

The new convenience command bind-last-macro combines name-kbd-macro and bind-to-key, and also provides a default name for the new macro. It replaces name-kbd-macro on Ctrl-x Alt-n.

The new command run-with-argument provides a simple way to pass a yanked numeric argument to a command, or one that you want to specify in a different base like hexadecimal.

With a numeric argument, the eval command now inserts the result of its computation into the current buffer instead of displaying it.

If you run the exit command with a numeric argument (Ctrl-u Ctrl-x Ctrl-c, for instance), Epsilon doesn't save any modifications to fonts, window sizes, and other settings it normally preserves when you exit.

Brief mode has many small changes that make it mimic Brief more closely. For instance, the new commands undo-by-commands and redo-by-commands group primitive undo operations in a way more similar to Brief.

Epsilon's -r flag now accepts an optional text argument following the command name, which it passes to the called EEL subroutine.

The new insert-date command inserts the current date. The new date-format variable controls its format, and the date format Epsilon uses in certain other contexts.

A printable keyboard reference for Epsilon's default bindings, keychart.pdf, is now included (in v12.07). This keyboard reference now appears in all electronic forms of the manual too.

The goto-line command now understands the syntax p12345 to go to a buffer position by its byte offset (in v12.01).

In Epsilon for Windows, when you click on a window to switch to Epsilon, it no longer sets the cursor where you clicked.

Epsilon for Linux is now available packaged in .deb and .rpm formats for the convenience of Debian and Red Hat Linux users.

Epsilon 12 no longer includes executables for OS/2 or Windows 3.1, though a copy of Epsilon 11 for OS/2 is included.

The set-unicode-encoding command has been renamed set-encoding, and works differently. The unicode-convert-encoding command has been replaced by the unicode-convert-from-encoding and unicode-convert-to-encoding commands. These commands have been removed: set-video, change-video, case-indirect and program-keys. These variables have been removed: default-oem-word, extra-video-modes, current-video-mode, restore-blinking-on-exit, vga43, screen-mode, mouse-graphic-cursor, mouse-cursor-char, mouse-cursor-attr, shell-shrinks, kbd-extended, unicode-detection, unicode-use-latin1, and unicode-format.

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Customizing Enhancements in Epsilon 12  Changes from Older Versions   More Customization Options in Epsilon 12

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