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Language Mode Improvements in Epsilon 14  Changes from Older Versions   Unicode Support in Epsilon 14

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Other Enhancements in Epsilon 14

Right-clicking now displays a context menu on all platforms, not just Windows. The variables c-mode-mouse-to-tag and mouse-goes-to-tag were deleted. See the revised mouse-to-tag command to restore the old behavior.

The save-all-buffers command now reports which files it saved.

File names and tag names may now be up to 4095 characters long (previously, 255 and 1023 respectively).

The right-click context menu now has a "Web Search" item, which runs the new web-search command to open a tab in your browser displaying the results. You can edit the web-search-url variable to change the search provider used.

In a concurrent process buffer, completion now works on environment variable names (in addition to file and command names).

Epsilon now tries to set the buffer directory of ssh and telnet buffers to a suitable scp or ftp URL, so that commands like find-file will prompt with a more useful default path.

If an external curl or wget program is installed, Epsilon can run it to display https:// URLs in a buffer.

When typing a URL at a file prompt, completion now works on the host name and user name portion. Epsilon uses its prompt response history to collect matching host names and user names. Similarly, when typing the path portion of an http or https URL, Epsilon completes using previous responses that match the partial URL.

The new all-read-only variable can be used to make buffers read-only by default.

The new this-buffer-grep command provides a shortcut for grepping just the current buffer.

The grep and file-query-replace commands now skip files over 2 GB in size by default. The new grep-ignore-file-max-size variable controls this.

The new select-and-grep command lets you set up named shorthand sets of ignore rules, then select which set to use. By default, the "all" set makes grep search all matching files, no matter their name, extension, or size, instead of excluding many binary-type files and very large files.

Various grep subcommands now work properly when a single match spans multiple lines in the grep buffer.

The filter-region and shell-command commands, on Alt-| and Alt-!, now interpret a negative argument to mean "prompt for the buffer name to receive the program's output". As before, the default is to use a standard name, and an argument greater than one puts the output in the current buffer (for filter-region only, replacing the region's text send to the external program).

Dired mode now recognizes @ to toggle the read-only property of a given file. The quick-dired-command on Alt-o also recognizes this key, so Alt-o @ toggles the current file's read-only status.

File name templates now recognize new codes %h for the host name of a URL and %c for Epsilon's customization directory.

The new set-bookmark-automatically variable may be used to make Epsilon set a bookmark at the previous location following a search.

Epsilon now supports mice with up to five buttons, via new key codes. By default, buttons four and five page up and down.

The mode-format variable now understands a new code %o to display the numeric value of Epsilon's variable "point" (the character count from the start of the buffer).

To improve performance, on buffers bigger than 10 MB, Epsilon no longer updates the function name (or other mode-specific contextual information) displayed in the mode line when you click and drag the scroll box. You can set this size limit with the new variable mouse-update-during-scroll. Epsilon will update the mode line once you release the mouse button.

Displaying text with syntax highlighting and extremely long lines while in horizontal scrolling mode is now much faster.

For safety, dired no longer permits you to mark the .. parent directory entry for deletion, and suggests you edit the parent directory and delete it from there.

Regular expressions now understand <ident> as a synonym for <word>, matching a letter, digit, or underscore character.

If you set the epsilon-manual-port variable to make Epsilon help requests use Lugaru's website, instead of a local help server, it now selects the correct version of the manual, based on its own version number.

When a buffer has no newline at the very end, the blank space to the right of the last character is now painted with the same color and attribute as subsequent blank lines, instead of the color and attribute of the last character in the buffer.

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Language Mode Improvements in Epsilon 14  Changes from Older Versions   Unicode Support in Epsilon 14

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