Lugaru Wolf

Spell Checking Files

The spell-configure command downloads a set of dictionary files for spell checking. If you need to retrieve them manually, you can get them from this page.

For Windows, download this spell.exe file. Locate your customization directory. (Running the Alt-x edit-customizations command is one way to find it.) Create a subdirectory of your customizations directory named spell and put the spell.exe file there. Then run spell-configure.

For Unix or Mac OS, download this spell.tgz file. Create a subdirectory ~/.epsilon/spell and and put the spell.tgz file there. Then run spell-configure.

These files are simply repackaged versions of the SCOWL collection (Spell Checker Oriented Word Lists). You can use other versions of the SCOWL collection with Epsilon's spell-configure command.

Epsilon 13.01 and later can instead use these smaller archives instead of the above files: spell2.exe and spell2.tgz

These smaller archives omit all files Epsilon doesn't normally require, such as files to regenerate word lists, and notes on the original word list sources.

You can even substitute a different word list in the espell.lst and files, bypassing spell-configure. (The former file is arranged with more common words first. The latter contains the same words but sorted case-sensitively. The word order in epsell.lst only matters when generating suggestions using the internal suggestion mechanism.)

Last Updated: 1 October 2009