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Download Epsilon 8.04c Update

Epsilon 8.04c is now available. This update fixes several bugs, including one that can cause crashes in Epsilon for DOS. It also includes a few new features, such as resizable dialogs in Epsilon for Windows. To install this software, you must have a copy of Epsilon 8.0 or later already installed on your computer.

The updater is available in two forms:

Each update program will prompt for all necessary information, and perform the update in place. Once you've installed Epsilon, you may delete the update program.

Epsilon 8.04c contains several bug fixes and a number of new features:

Bug Fixes

8.01 Epsilon for DOS sometimes crashed due to a bug in its Windows 95 long file name support. (This occurred in all environments, not just Windows 95.)
8.01 Help commands stopped working in the DOS and OS/2 versions after writing a state file.
8.01 Changing Epsilon's abort key using the set-abort-key command didn't work right: the new aborting key didn't abort searching and similar functions.
8.01 Commands that prompted for a direction didn't work. These included all Brief window commands and move-to-window.
8.01 Clicking the close box on the dialog that appeared when you tried to exit with unsaved files would close Epsilon. Now it's the same as selecting Cancel.
8.01 Commands that compared the contents of two windows (like diff or compare-windows) incorrectly gave an error message in Epsilon for Windows if the user had selected a permanent menu bar in Epsilon for DOS.
8.02 Epsilon for Windows no longer crashes when the system time is set to the year 2038 or later.
8.02, 8.03 Epsilon should no longer produce warning messages when its temporary directory is on a disk partition of greater than 2 Gigabytes.
8.03 Epsilon can now invoke the MSDN info viewer when the latter is installed in a directory whose name contains spaces.
8.03 Epsilon for Windows 95/NT no longer renames directories when backups are on, and you try to create a file with the same name as an existing directory.
8.03 Epsilon for Windows no longer uses excessive CPU time when the is-gui variable has been set to zero and the bufed window has just been displayed.
8.04 We fixed a bug introduced in version 8.02 that caused slower screen updates in Epsilon for DOS and Epsilon for OS/2, and resource leaks in Epsilon for Windows.
8.04a We fixed a bug introduced in version 8.01 that caused problems indenting in C mode when the Closeback variable was set to zero.
8.04c Selecting a buffer from the buffer list with the mouse didn't work when the buffer name was quoted.

New Features

8.01 Resizable dialogs in Epsilon for Windows.
8.01 The new variables new-file-mode and new-file-ext let you easily customize the behavior of the new-file command.
8.01 The new variable session-always-restore tells Epsilon to restore the previous session even when you run it on a particular file.
8.01 Printing commands in Epsilon for Windows now interpret the Ctrl-L character. The new print-heading variable lets you customize or remove the page heading.
8.01, 8.03 The bufed command is now better at handling long buffer names and those containing spaces.
8.01 Epsilon for DOS now uses about 36k less conventional memory than 8.0 did (in environments with XMS or EMS memory available).
8.01 The makefile included for rebuilding Epsilon from EEL source files now works with more Make programs.
8.01, 8.02 When Epsilon for Windows 95/NT starts a subprocess, it now passes Epsilon's current directory settings for all local, nonremovable drives.

Last Updated: 1 October 2009