Windows-specific Features

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Epsilon for Windows includes a variety of advanced features that will make you wonder how you could ever live without it.

o Epsilon provides direct access to compiler help files , so you can find the answer you need quickly. It also takes advantage of Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000 features to provide searching through multiple help files with a single click.
o Under Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000, Epsilon sports a tool bar that you can customize with your own commands.
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o Type an ftp file name at a file prompt and Epsilon will asynchronously retrieve the file via ftp from any computer on the Internet. Also edit remote directories using dired, save files, run a Telnet session, retrieve the HTML text of web pages, and more.

The Complete Epsilon Manual On-line
o Epsilon for Windows includes the full text of the Epsilon manual in a searchable Windows help file. The help file is connected to Epsilon, so you can view the help text for an Epsilon variable, for example, and see its current value, or read the documentation for a variable and then set it with a keypress right from the help system. Epsilon also includes its complete manual in web browser format and Info format.
o You can drag files to Epsilon to quickly open them. Drag a directory to get a file list; then use Epsilon's "directory editor" function to quickly copy, move, or delete files.

Why use Epsilon's directory editor instead of Windows Explorer or File Manager? Because you can use Epsilon's power to manage the directory listing. Say you need to delete all .dat files in a directory hierarchy d:\NewSys, except for .dat files whose names start with "intern". If you're using those other tools and you've got 10,000 .dat files, this could take a lot of typing. Epsilon makes this task easy, because you can apply all Epsilon's power to file lists. First list the .dat files, then delete those names that start with "intern". In Epsilon, this takes fewer keystrokes than make up this sentence. Another few keystrokes delete all the files in the list. Try that with any other program.

o Epsilon takes advantage of file associations so you can run programs and view documents right from Epsilon, or send files to Epsilon from other programs. Naturally, Epsilon understands long file names under Windows 95/98/ME and Windows NT/2000.

o Epsilon supports the Microsoft IntelliMouse under Windows 95/98/ME and Windows NT/2000, so you can quickly pan or auto-scroll through your document.

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Last Updated: 1 October 2009