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Select text, move borders, or run menu command.  M-<Left>

Press and release this mouse button to position point to wherever the mouse cursor indicates, switching windows if needed. Hold down the mouse button and drag to select and highlight text. Double-clicking selects full words. (When a pop-up list of choices appears on the screen, double-clicking on a choice selects it.) Shift-clicking extends the current selection. Holding down the Alt key while selecting produces a rectangle selection.

Drag selected text to move it someplace else. Hold down the Control key to copy the text someplace else.

On scroll bars, this button scrolls the window. You can drag the central scroll box up and down, click on the arrows at the top and bottom of the scroll bar to scroll by lines, or click between the arrows and the box to scroll by pages.

On other window borders and corners, dragging resizes windows. For pop-up windows only, dragging the title bar moves the window.

More info:

Customizing the Mouse

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mouse-pan  Command Reference   mouse-to-tag

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