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Convert buffer's DOS character set to Windows.

Windows programs typically use a different character set than do DOS programs. The DOS character set is known as the DOS/OEM character set, and includes various line drawing characters and miscellaneous characters not in the Windows/ANSI set. The Windows/ANSI character set includes many accented characters not in the DOS/OEM character set. Epsilon for Windows uses the Windows/ANSI character set (with most fonts).

The oem-to-ansi command converts the current buffer from the DOS/OEM character set to the Windows/ANSI character set. If any character in the buffer doesn't have a unique translation, the command warns first, and moves to the first character without a unique translation.

This command ignores any narrowing established by the narrow-to-region command. It's only available in Epsilon for Windows.

More info:

DOS/OEM Character Set Support

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